What This Mama Craves


March 22, 2012 by CassieCravings



Mama and Baby

mamacravings is centered on what a mama craves. This can be as child-centered as education, discipline techniques and fun-rainy day activities. Or it can be as mama-centered as building relationships with girlfriends, pedicures and showering all by yourself.

As moms, we are all striving for excellence in multiple areas of our life while trying to maintain some balance, a bit of sanity and maybe even a few hours of sleep. Motherhood is the greatest, most complicated, beautiful and messy journey that we have the privilege to experience.

What this mama craves is to equip my son with the skills and support to live his best life.

I crave creating unforgettable and cherished memories as he grows. I want these experiences to be as elaborate as a trip to Disney World and as simple as “oohing” and “awwing” over a slimy bug in the backyard.

I crave for my son to have a passion for understanding. I want him to seek answers as if he was seeking treasure. I pray that he never stops asking, “why?”.

The list is endless for my what I crave my son to experience in this life. Enter mamacravings.

This blog will be focused on all of the information and experience that a mama could want in regards to her children and herself.

What do you crave for your children and for yourself today?


8 thoughts on “What This Mama Craves

  1. McHealthy McMama says:

    Love this idea for a blog-what a beautiful family

  2. Lovely. And thank you for visiting and liking my blog today. I’ll do likewise soon. Best wishes. Elana

  3. Jennifer Butler Basile says:

    There are LOTS of mamacravings! So much to delve into.

    Thanks for delving into my blog!

  4. […] a few short days later, mamacravings posted its very first blog, launched a facebook fan page and had a twitter account. I curiously watched the stats page and […]

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