Mama Behind the Cravings


March 23, 2012 by CassieCravings



I am sure that all moms think that their child is the cutest, smartest, funniest, most charming and adorable child in the history of ever. There’s no exception here. I am absolutely honored to be the mama to Elijah Myles. Eli just turned two years old on March 12, 2012. I love watching his personality unfold and develop. The terrific two’s are certainly here in all of their glory. Eli is headstrong, persistent, opinionated and independent….which should serve him well when he’s president of the United States.

Baby Eli on his 2nd birthday

Baby Eli on his 2nd birthday

My partner in child-rearing and life is my husband Juan. We have been married for five years. Juan is a junior high boys coach and teacher. He coaches and enjoys anything that has competition…or in which he can create competition. As a coach, most of his work days are twelve hours plus, but Juan is always ready to make a difference in the life of his kids. I am so very proud to be Mrs. Juan Ortiz.

Our Wedding Day

our wedding day

I happen to work at the same school as my husband. I am an advocate/case-worker/supporter/service and resource coordinator for the junior high campus. My job is awesome! I spend my day making a difference in kids’ lives.

When I am not at the junior high, I am also a teacher. This year I am teaching students online. My students are all over the world (China, Africa, Panama, all across the U.S.). It has been an incredible opportunity and great learning experience to get to know and to teach my kids.

While I have only taught online for this school year, I am a fifth year teacher. I have taught grades 2-12 (excluding 3rd and 8th). My M.A. is in education, but I did my undergraduate work in psychology.

When I am not mothering, working, studying, blogging, then I am…well, sleeping. But when I have a moment from those activities, I love to read and am a Broadway and musical geek.

What rounds out my life….Nope, let me take that back….What begins my life is my Faith. I am a part of a wonderful, local church family and am blessed to be able to teach first grade Sunday school. Because of my relationship with Christ, I have found that I am able to parent better and to be better. I could not do it without His strength.

My life is full, fun, hectic, joyous, sometimes overwhelming, but always worth it.

mama behind the cravings

mama behind the cravings


2 thoughts on “Mama Behind the Cravings

  1. the speech monster says:

    I have enjoyed reading yr last few posts I love yr photos too! Eli is too cute love his little fro! 🙂 look forward to more visits here

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