I Crave a Nap.


March 31, 2012 by CassieCravings


There are some mornings when one wakes up and realizes that the day is going to be crazy; there are others when you don’t realize it until your knee deep in whatever it may be.

I was running late to work this morning. It wasn’t an out of the ordinary late, just normal mom things. The baby had stolen my keys, and I couldn’t find which Thomas the train riding toy where he hid them. I held three of his shoes in my hands, but none of them had a match. My choice (and very adorable) outfit was only worn a few moments before a peanut butter hand print landed on them….you know, normal mom things.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I was finally on my way to work, late though I may have been. My husband called, “They just called you over the intercom. They need you in the office now.” Le sigh. Why can’t they need me in the office when I’m on time?

A mad dash to the school office reveals how short on subs they are. They need me. I was happy to be needed but would have to leave mid-morning for a doctor’s appointment for Baby Eli (the key thief with mismatched shoes).

Mid-morning arrives, and I am sitting in a doctor’s waiting room with an energetic and enthusiastic two year old. We sing a few songs, read our book, color, go over our letters, count, find all of the colors in the room and start all over again. Eli and I go through the two year old check up song and dance. He gets a shot, but is super brave with a fresh new sticker to sport. Unfortunately, our quality time at the doctor was not over. Lab work was needed. Poor baby Eli. He cried out, “My fin’er huwts! Mama, I hold you! I guck (stuck)!!” Lab work is hard on mamas. Another sticker was offered, and I cradled my sobbing little trooper as we prepared to go.

It wasn’t long before Eli was fast asleep in the back seat on our way back to nursery school. It was one of those days where you eat lunch out of a greasy paper bag while driving and listening to your phone “ding, ding” in the background. Again, I sigh.

I was still needed to fill in for a couple of classes, as the school was having one of those days as well.

So, my afternoon went as follows: sub for literature (We discussed Mark Twain!), pick up Eli, promise to fill in this Sunday for two rounds of teaching Sunday school, grocery store, Lowe’s, Target, parents’ house, home.

Now I sit, in the wee hours of the morning, between batches of baking 60 cupcakes for Eli’s birthday party tomorrow. About 14 egg whites intoΒ meringueΒ I wondered if my local bakery makes whole wheat dark chocolate low sugar cupcakes.

I crave a nap. But a nap is nowhere in the schedule until perhaps next Thursday afternoon…and that’s ify.

So what’s the point? We are all busy. Moms especially can thrive on no sleep, few showers, cold food and cuddles from our kids. I personally am a great fan of caffeine. Yes, I know it’s not the most healthy form of fuel…Did I mention 60 cupcakes?

Back to that point thing: what a blessing

What a blessing it is to have jobs that I love and that keep me busy while my baby learns and plays it up at nursery school. What a blessing it is a healthy baby and to hear great reports from our doctor about how he is growing. What a blessing it is to anticipate the need for 60 cupcakes at a birthday party

Today was going to be nap worthy no matter what I did. But my approach is what made the difference today. I absolutely had moments pleading with God for strength and peace. I am tired and covered in dark chocolate (but not in a sexy way). I will have bags under my eyes for pictures tomorrow. I cannot figure out how so much laundry can fit into one little basket.

BUT what a blessing!



10 thoughts on “I Crave a Nap.

  1. Yep-have totally been there too! I crave a nap too…wish that when you had kids, you also automatically received a 2 hour mandatory nap time…but thank God for toddler kisses & all the other things that m0ake up for all the crazy!

  2. Can totally relate. πŸ™‚ Great post!

  3. Sarah says:

    Whew! I’m craving a nap just reading your post haha! Sounds like you had quite the day! But, yes, I can totally relate to that nap thing. Especially now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant, I’m really starting to slow down. And Ethan is just getting faster lol. Trying to catch him to dress him, comb his hair, put on his shoes…quite the challenge! And I seem to be late EVERYWHERE I go! But like the first poster said, those toddler kisses sure do make up for the craziness. πŸ™‚

    P.S. I’m totally visualizing the ‘covered in dark chocolate’ thing. Ooo la la! πŸ˜‰

  4. shmooples says:

    I hear ya. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job juggling it all!

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