His Favorite Person in the World


May 14, 2012 by CassieCravings


I was under the impression that I was an obvious pick for Eli’s favorite person in the world. After all, I birthed him. I nurse him. That should buy me at least 5 good years of favoritism.

While I may still be pretty high on the list, I’m not convinced of the number 1 spot. Eli has a collection of really fantastic uncles and aunts. Some are by family. Some adopted Eli along the way. Some Eli picked up as he went along. But they are all dearly loved, all cherished and all appreciated.

There is a particular uncle that is special to Eli. He sticks out from the aunt and uncle crowd because of his young age.

Jonathan had barely been 9 for a month when Eli was born. He didn’t really see what all of the fuss was about. That baby was loud. That baby was stinky. That baby sure did take up a lot of everyone’s attention.

Jonathan’s first peek at Eli

A few months later, Jonathan proclaimed, “God sure must love us to give us baby Eli.”

He was slowly warming up to that baby. The stink was pretty gross (which translates to cool in 9 year-old boy language). The noise was kind of fun. This baby might not have been a bad deal after all.

Juan’s baby brother, Uncle Jonathan, and my baby Eli

Jonathan is now 11. At such a young age, he shows so much awareness. Jonathan is careful with his words and with his actions. He takes the time to play with Eli. He patiently quizzes him on shapes, colors and letters. He compliments Eli every moment he can. He is gentle. He is kind. He is sharing.

Uncle Jonathan

Jonathan is a wonderful uncle.

Jonathan and Eli, what a pair they are. And what a pair they will be, I’m sure. Boyish jokes, mud-pie summers and disheveled ruckus is all headed our way.

Evidence of future clean-ups to come our way 🙂

Yes, Jonathan, God absolutely showed His love in gifting our family with Eli. He also showed His love in blessing Eli with a young uncle of good character.

A young uncle of good character (and also a great bus artist)

Dear Uncle “JonJon”,

Walk your path carefully. Walk it narrowly. There are tiny footsteps that follow your way.


an adoring sister-in-law (who will absolutely settle for not being first, when you’re at the top of the list).

“JonJon” and his biggest fan

Don’t miss this video on mamacraving’s fb page: Uncle Jonathan and Eli.


9 thoughts on “His Favorite Person in the World

  1. How wonderful for Eli and for Jonathan to have this special bond! I love watching my boys interact with their extended family and seeing a whole different side to them than the one I see with just our little family around!

    • mamacravings says:

      Absolutely! I didn’t realize how silly Eli is (reference the video for that one ;)) until he and Jonathan start to play. It’s so much fun just to sit back and observe how they interact.

  2. My oldest grandchild (a girl) is four and my youngest child (also a girl) is eight. While I would like to be the #1 person at Grandma’s House, Attie (Auntie Katie) is one I would be willing to be second to. Children who have aunts and uncles closer to their age grow up with a totally different take on extended family.

    Jonathan is a pretty cool uncle!

    • mamacravings says:

      I completely agree. I am the oldest of 13 grandkids. I’m 28, and the youngest turns 15 in 4 days (He keeps us updated on his countdown ;)). My youngest cousin attends the school where my husband and I work. It is a great experience to watch him grow up and to be able to help guide him along his way.

      Jonathan is certainly a cool uncle. 🙂

  3. jannatwrites says:

    This is so sweet! I’m so happy that he’s not annoyed by a little guy following him around. You must be so proud 🙂

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