Oh How he Has Grown


June 1, 2012 by CassieCravings



It hit me quite suddenly how much he has grown.

We sat on the couch pouring over one of his favorite books. He can now name most of the animals, including the fwamicko (flamingo) and the hiptomopotus (hippopotamus).

That morning he said, “Mama, I reads to you.” Oh how he has grown!

As I marveled and grieved in the same moment, tiny kicking toes caught my eyes. They barely stuck beyond the edge of the book.

Oh how he has grown, but he is still my baby boy.Β At least for now.

And for now I crave as many moments of “Mama, I reads to you” as I can possibly get.

“Da fwog. It says ‘wibbit!!'” (Hopping must accompany “wibbit” for complete accuracy.)




14 thoughts on “Oh How he Has Grown

  1. boomiebol says:

    Just lovely…I wonder why they all want to hop and do “wibbit, wibbit” when they hear or see frogs. Mighty English professors toddlers are. Bless his growing heart always

  2. Sarah says:

    Don’t you just LOVE little toddler feet?! And wow…he really looks like he’s grown so much in that picture! What a sweet boy!! πŸ™‚

  3. love this. You reminded me to sit down and read with my little man today.
    And part of me doesn’t want to teach him to say the words the right way. Honey-SNuckle is just too cute!

    • mamacravings says:

      I understand!
      When Eli quit saying “tocks lock” for “socks off”, I was a little sad.
      I can’t believe how quickly they pick up on new words. πŸ™‚

  4. LOVE this mama!!! What a sweet boy!

  5. They do grow up too fast, don’t they?!? πŸ™‚

  6. My 6 years old son, takes great pleasure in telling me that he’s a big boy and then I pretend to cry because he is growing up so fast! I figure that while he still plays this game and insists that he is a big boy… That he is still really my little boy! You might like our story…http://mytwicebakedpotato.com

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