Celebrity Interview with Seth Peterson


June 18, 2012 by CassieCravings

Among a few of my favorite things, (including my son, frilly shoes, and margarita cupcakes) is Seth Peterson.

Seth is not just good looking, he is make-your-heart-flutter gorgeous. To top off those good looks, he is an incredibly talented actor. A few of his latest projects include the feature film Sedona and a recurring role as Nate Westen on USA’s Burn Notice.

Seth is also a family man. He is married to the stunning Kylee Cochran. Burn Notice fans know Kylee as the scene-stealing Ruth Westen. Seth and Kylee have two children: Fenix (turning 7 next month) and Lennon (turning 4 next month).

As much fun as Seth is on screen and on twitter, he is even more so one-on-one. I was honored to be able to interview him recently:

Your new movie “Sedona” looks fun. Are there plans for a wider release?

I heard they might try to sell it to Lifetime or make it a movie of the week or possibly a pilot. That’s what I heard, but I don’t know any of the specifics.

How can fans help to encourage a wider release?

If anybody wants to encourage a wider release on twitter, send it over to Tommy Stovall. He’s the one in charge of the situation over there. Tweet bomb him!

(Tweet bomb target, the director of Sedona: @tommystovall)

I was ecstatic to see that you have signed for 5 episodes in season 6 of Burn Notice!  Are you going to be helping clients or causing trouble?

I’m going to be part of the team this season. Nate gets to play as part of the team. He gets to have fun and shoot people.

Will Nate’s wife Ruth and baby Charlie have an effect how your character develops this season?

I don’t think so. I don’t think they gave anything to that story line. It won’t be in the first half of the season. This season is about action. Nate used to come in before, and it was about family. This is about the work scene. It’s about me and Michael trying to work together. From a fan perspective, I would rather see that dynamic.

I write a mommy blog, so I do have some family questions.

 You are remarkably approachable on an individual level – can I assume you are more “private” when it comes to family?

I don’t post pictures of my kids’ faces. People don’t usually ask me whole lot of questions about them. Their little faces though….uh-uh. I post pictures of them from behind, like their hair and stuff.

About balance… you are a busy guy and do a lot of travelling. Do you have something like Matt Damon’s 2 week rule (never more than two weeks apart from the family)?

Matt Damon works a lot more than I do. I work a couple of months here and there, then I have the rest of the year to spend time with the family.

Give us a “trust me, this won’t work” warning in regards to parenting?

Go ask your mother.

 Give us a “this works every time” hint for parenting?

You ready?….Go ask your mother.

Have you ever tried to convince your kids to eat a food that you personally hate?

They won’t eat anything. I would definitely do that with any food in the world, just to get them to eat. I would eat any food from any disgusting fridge anywhere just to get them to try it.

They’re not so much picky, it’s just that they don’t want to…well, yeah. They’re picky.

  What are three food staples in your household?

We eat a lot of salmon, chicken, artichokes and yogurt with M&Ms. We eat a lot spinach and carrots and things of that nature.

What single food comes to mind that will never (never, ever) be found in your house?

Yellow mustard. I don’t like the yellow mustard. I like the other kinds with more horse radish or Dijon. But I like a classier mustard.

Also, you will never find bologna. It’s not real meat, you know.

What are the next upcoming projects for you?

I’ve got this podcast thing that I’m doing.

I’m doing a vampire webisode show. I met this guy on twitter. It’s kind of like Seinfeld where nothing really happens. It’s like reality tv with a vampire twist. The guy is Richard Weigand.

I’m going to my wife’s 20th high school reunion in Utah. When I come back, I’ll start looking for jobs and doing a play as well.

Craving more of Seth Peterson? He is a must follow on twitter!: @sethpetersonla

Find out more information about Seth and his work at sethpeterson.com


16 thoughts on “Celebrity Interview with Seth Peterson

  1. Whaaat? Well done! Providence and this wicked episode of Lie to Me – brilliant, I always thought he would work well in comedy.

  2. Great interview! I am usually being interviewed, I have had the chance to interview someone like you did….sounds
    Like you enjoyed the experience, hope you have lots of chances. Are you a journalist?

  3. Laura Thoms says:

    Nicely done interview, perfect length & shows Seths great sense of humor

  4. Kim Gonzales says:

    well done. Seemed like a lot of fun

  5. Juan Jr. says:

    Great interview…..sounds like a cool guy, and a good father!

  6. Arifa m says:

    Seth is amazing!!! I’ve been following him from the time he joined twitter & he is the reason i log on! he is a brilliant actor,so talented.he is a funny guy & he loves his family.hope to see more of him.

    • mamacravings says:

      I completely agree! Seth is an absolute gem! If you’re on twitter, and you’re not following him, then you’re missing out.
      If you’re not on twitter, he’s worth the account! 🙂

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