The Thing About Friendship


June 30, 2012 by CassieCravings

There’s something about a true girlfriend.

We have acquaintances, work buddies, play dates and lunch moms. We have friends that we have known for years and don’t get to chat with quite enough. We have friends that were once close but life has wedged a gap. And then there are true girlfriends.

True girlfriends don’t let time get in the way. Hours, days, months or even years could pass. The moment that we are together again, the friendship, conversations and giggles don’t skip a beat. It’s as if time stood still, as if the world just wouldn’t spin without us being together.

True girlfriends know how to celebrate. The moment when you get that new job, fall in love, see two lines on the pregnancy test, find the perfect shoe, the first thought is “I have to tell her!” You know that no one will squeal louder, jump higher, cry harder or celebrate more than a true girlfriend. As exciting as those victories are, she makes the moment.

True girlfriends grieve the hardest. Just as quickly as she will celebrate, her heart will break. Just as she will rejoice in the good, she will weep in the difficult moments. It doesn’t matter the situation: if your heart hurts then her heart hurts. If you are angry, then she is livid. A true girlfriend is quick to know the cure. It can be a slumber party with trashy tv and junk food, the perfect song, or a borderline inappropriate but oh-so-true pinterest pin. She knows when to let you cry, vent, reason or simply sit and breathe.

True girlfriends don’t tell time. True girlfriends are life-friends whether they met decades ago or five minutes ago. You can’t help but wonder if you were separated at birth and what took so long for you to meet one another. But in that moment it is simply understood that you have a friend for life, a partner in crime and fuller heart for having her in your world.


14 thoughts on “The Thing About Friendship

  1. Lovely! Some of my dearest friends I cam’t see often, but when I’m with themes pick up as if a day has past….insightful, how lucky we are to be this way!

  2. THIS is so lovely! I had to share it on my fb timeline with my girlfriends!

  3. Sharing here too! This was great. 🙂

  4. My girlfriends seemed different.

  5. Sarah says:

    Love love LOVE this!! So beautifully written. I feel SO blessed to have such a wonderful friend like you in my life. I’m definitely sharing this on my FB as well. Love yoooouuu!! 🙂

  6. […] The Thing About Friendship – A great post from mamacravings about the value and blessing of true friendship. I am very thankful for the true friendships in my life. […]

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