A Sick Baby is a Mama’s Broken Heart


July 24, 2012 by CassieCravings


Nothing can break a mama’s heart like a sick baby.

Nothing can make a mama feel more helpless than holding a quivering, crying, hot baby and not being able to  make it all better.

Little Eli spent the majority of Sunday with a 102+ fever. He was miserable. He wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink, wouldn’t play. He just curled up in my arms and whimpered.

So, we nestled into our favorite snuggle spot on the couch and pulled Grammy’s quilt up to our chins. We watched his favorite cartoons, and I gave out all of the kisses he would take. I whispered prayers of healing into his ears. I this-little-piggied all of his toes. I ran my fingers through his curls.

His body was so hot that he was difficult to hold, but I wasn’t letting go.

He looked at me with tears streaming from his glassy eyes and said, “Mama. I’s so sad. I’s so sad.”

I cried with him.

Finally, finally I felt him fall into a heavy sleep. I lingered just to hold him a bit longer. I gave a few extra kisses and quietly slipped away.

A Sick Baby is a Mama’s Broken Heart.

There was a meeting that I had to go to with my mother. Sickness never seems to come during quiet moments in life. There was a list of instructions, medications and “don’t forgets” given as I walked out the door. “I can be back in an hour,” I called as I closed the door.

If a sick baby breaks a mom’s heart. Leaving a sick baby behind is the most guilt a mama can feel. “I’ll be back in an hour,” I said again to myself.

Just a few minutes down the road, my phone rang, “Hellos, my mama!” He sounded ready to take on the world. His fever had broke during his nap. While he still needed some rest to feel completely better, it would be quite the challenge to get him to sit still now.

The tears and sadness were forgotten. He was ready to “p’way twrains and rockets ships.”

What a morning. What a relief!

His favorite doggie and Grammy’s favorite quilt are the best way to snuggle.

While we are still working to feel all the better this morning, Eli is feeling much better than he did. Lots of cuddles, his favorite songs and prayers have been prescribed.


20 thoughts on “A Sick Baby is a Mama’s Broken Heart

  1. so glad he is feeling better! I hate when they are sick like that!

    • mamacravings says:

      He is definitely feeling better than he did. We’re still sticking pretty close to home. He’s still a little grumpy, but nothing like Sunday morning.

      I hate it too. It makes me feel so helpless 😦

  2. Meghan says:

    Awe. So glad he is feeling better. When Avery has a fever there is definitely lots of cuddling in blankets and that usually comforts him and eventually breaks the fever.

  3. Sarah says:

    I agree. Nothing can break a mamas heart more than her sick baby. 😦 I’m glad he is feeling better tho!! Those mama hugs & kisses are just what the doctor ordered! 😉

  4. Poor little guy! Glad to hear he’s recovering. I know that feeling all too well. Mine has had some respiratory issues in the past. You’re doing the right thing by keeping a close eye on him.

    • mamacravings says:

      Thank you!

      Eli has had some trouble (though not serious) with respiratory stuff. The respiratory troubles scare me because they can turn on them so quickly. I certainly keep a careful eye on him Better safe than sorry.

      • daydreamsinwonderland says:

        Oh yes, they can certainly get pretty bad very quickly. I always tell all my fellow Mommies, if you ever feel like you should call an ambulance, do it. I had to once & the doctors thanked me for it later. Anything with the lungs can get very serious shockingly fast.

      • mamacravings says:

        How scary!!

        Any time Eli starts to wheeze or gets raspy, I always get into the doctor to have her listen to his lungs. The one time I didn’t, he had pneumonia. I felt AWFUL! I didn’t go because I was told I was being over protective. We have to listen to our mommy instincts! God gave it to us for those very reasons.

      • daydreamsinwonderland says:

        Exactly. Always listen to your Mommy intuition. 🙂

  5. So glad to hear little Eli is on the mend! Having a sick child is one of the worst feelings… If only we could just get sick in their place!

  6. I’m so sorry! Hope he’s “all betters” soon!
    Our grandaughter Jovie (2) has Hand, Foot and Mouth virus picked up at her church nursery for the second time, this time there is a five day old little sister in the house, and the Nanas can’t help for fear of getting it and not being able to care for the other grands! Chaos……so we pray that this will pass quickly as Eli’s did! ☺

  7. No Circ is Whole Son! says:

    Wearing my baby in the ERGO was the only thing that helped survive times like these. Good Luck!

    • mamacravings says:

      Thank you! My little guy is too big for the wrap we got him. It goes up to 30 lbs, and he is right at 30. I haven’t been able to wear him comfortably for a few months now. 😦 When I do have another one, I am so investing in an ERGO.

  8. oh ❤ your posts are always so relatable and sweet, perfect mix! Happy he's feeling better ❤


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