Eli has a remote control car; Winston has an enemy.


August 1, 2012 by CassieCravings


Last Christmas we bought Eli a remote control car. Juan and I were quite impressed with our gift giving and the fact that we even found it on sale. We practically strutted about the crowded department store with our brilliant find.

Eli played with it for 3 minutes.

This car has sat in the corner of some toy bucket since then. A few days ago, he dug it out of the toy bucket wide eyed and excited. I showed him that not only did it look cool, but it makes noises and moves. The remote control car has traveled over every square inch of our home and up my ankle on several occasions. Eli has a new favorite toy.

The Remote Control Car

Eli’s new favorite toy transported to best toy in the history of ever when he discovered that Winston absolutely hates the remote control car. Winston is our 10 year old grumpy cat. He isn’t delighted by much, but he certainly has disdain for this remote control car.

Winston the cat

Winston the cat will be lounging or napping or licking, when this car will slowly start to creep towards him. At first, Winston will only twitch his tail, which I believe is the equivalent of a cat eye roll. Eli will hold his breath and creep the car just a bit closer and then closer still.

I’m not sure what Eli’s expectations were when he first sent out a remote control car sneak attack on the cat. Personally, I expected the cat to run. But I’m not sure why I had any expectations for Winston. In 10 years he has yet to be predictable.

Come to find out, the cat will not run.

He will continue to twitch and flip his tail. He glares at Eli with a, “Reallyyyyyy?” kind of look. Then a swift paw will bat out as he flicks the car out of his way. Eli will erupt into a fit of giggles. It takes a few minutes for him to regain composure and try again. By that time Winston has normally retreated to the safety of the top of the dresser.

It seems that there are countless features about a boy and his dog. While slightly less touching and slightly more giggle-worthy, I am so very glad that my little boy has a grumpy, crafty cat as his companion.





2 thoughts on “Eli has a remote control car; Winston has an enemy.

  1. Keri says:

    Poor Winston the cat!! But at least he can get out of the way. Our basset hound can’t hide on a dresser 🙂 And she has two boys after her… I am put into a ‘pet protector’ role.

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