The Weekend that Required Bubble Wrap


August 22, 2012 by CassieCravings


Some days need to be bound and taped in bubble wrap. We had a full weekend of bubble wrap required days. It was just one thing after another. Nothing was tragic or life-altering. It was just one of those weekends that you realize a couple of days hidden in the house with the blinds drawn would have been a better use of time and energy

It started Thursday night. Little Eli had an awful, dreadful, miserable ear ache. He screamed throughout the night. Nothing we did would ease the pain. The husband and I took turns snuggling, rocking, singing, and pleading and praying. My poor little one just plain felt awful.

Friday morning, I got the first doctor’s appointment available. Eli and I sat in the general waiting room. We sat for about 20 minutes…”sat” is a bit of stretch. We read a book on my phone. We looked at the fish. We counted how many blue floor tiles were in the room. We sang a couple of songs. After the general waiting room, of course comes the private waiting room. We continued to wait, read books, sing,  and count random objects throughout the room. During our second round of waiting rooms, little Eli fell, and he fell hard. He hit his head on the concrete floor. Immediately, it began to bubble up and get purple. The nurses flitted about to care for him. God bless nurses. They are angels. In just a minute’s time, we had ice, some extra cuddles and a super cool sticker to ease the pain of the goose egg on the top of his head. Whew what a morning! And it wasn’t even 10 AM.

Eli had an ear infection. A quick trip to the pharmacy turned into a 30 minute wait at the pharmacy. The morning definitely needed a very large latte.

The rest of the day seemed to be progressing fairly smoothly. But then I got a call from the husband. His truck had broken down. He was stranded. One of the other coaches was going to bring him home though. A few of them gave references for their mechanics. God bless coaches. They are angels. They worked how my husband would get to where he needed to be and who would help.

Saturday morning brought a Sunday school meeting. I got a text in the middle of the meeting, “Hey. Eli drank that breathe stuff. Is it poisonous?” …probably. It has eucalyptus oil in it. There were quite a few minutes of frenzied calls to see how MUCH he drank and to find out the severity of the situation. That was a horrible 10 minutes. I officially flipped the stupid out. Come to find out, the amount he drank and the oil itself will only give him a tummy ache. But medically, it was going to be just fine. I rushed home and snuggled my little koala breath baby.

We nearly got through the entire weekend without another incident until Eli busted his lip. He hit it on the entertainment center. I’m still not sure how. He was just standing there, and suddenly he lost his balance. There was blood everywhere. We busted out the ice packs, snuggles and favorite cartoons.

The weekend ended with an ear infection, a bump on the head, eucalyptus  oil shot, a busted lip and a busted truck. This weekend required bubble wrap. But I settled for that latte…well, that and a cupcake.

15 thoughts on “The Weekend that Required Bubble Wrap

  1. TheMFresh says: I can totally relate and had the same kind of weekend! Nothing major, just one annoying thing after another. Grrr. I hope the coming weekend is better for you!

  2. ahhhh….you poor thing!!! I’ve been there!!!

  3. Rayni says:

    Oh poor Eli. hope he feels better. and his mama too 🙂

  4. Oh my, prayers! Those kind of weekends take at least a week to get over. Thinking of you!

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh my word…quite the weekend!! I hope little Eli is feeling better after all his bumps & bruises! He’s such a tough guy. Love you!

  6. I hope Eli’s doing much better. I have been there! This too shall pass.

  7. localsugarhawaii says:

    Yes bubble wrap that little cutie and all of his childhood days. And then bubble wrap your sweet heart for all of the days when you can’t bubble wrap him. =)

    Following ya now from the Bloggy Mom’s September link up. If you’re up for a bit of a ride I’d love it if you’d join me at where we’re riding the wave of life one little adventure at a time.


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