A Conversation with Eli: “Lucky Bath Water”


September 11, 2012 by CassieCravings

“My mama, I t’inks ‘da baths water is lucky.”

“Well, I suppose if the bath water is yucky, you shouldn’t drink it anymore.”

“Hmmm….Lets me try again.” (long slurp of bath water from a fish cup)

“Sigh. That is my least favorite of your habits.”

“I’s a sea horshie mama. Look ‘a me! Candon ball!! SPLASH! …Oh. I forgots. Da bath water not lucky to I, Eli. It’s gigishious.

“It’s time to take your delicious bath water out of the tub.”

“No t’anks. Be’tause I’s a fish.”


8 thoughts on “A Conversation with Eli: “Lucky Bath Water”

  1. Rayni says:

    Oh my gosh. Can you take a video of him next time? I’d really like to hear him talk. Looks like he knows French! 😀

  2. He is sooo fun! Do all kids love drinking soapy water?

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