Bath Time with Eli


October 6, 2012 by CassieCravings

One of my favorite times of the day with Eli is bath time. I enjoy our chats and songs and silly games we play.

There is a dark side to bath time, however. Eli absolutely abhors getting his hair washed. There are normally screams, negotiations and flailing. I definitely dread it.

Tonight as the time for hair washing approached, I said a little prayer and put on my biggest grin. “It’s time to wash my little bear’s hair!” I said with forced excitement. I hope he didn’t noticed the crack in my voice.

Eli sighed, “I t’inks we washes da fish’s hair.” He held up his squeaky fish.

I played along and washed the fish. I showered the fish with compliments for being so still and obedient. I plastered on a grin again and chirped, “Eli’s turn.”

“‘Dat fish still stinky. He washes again.”

“Eli, if you lean back in the water, it won’t touch your eyes. Let me show you.”

“No t’anks, my mama. I no lays down. I busy popping ‘da bubbles in ‘da bath. You sweepy to go night-night. ‘Dat o’tay, Mama. Gets my quack-quack [bath towel]. I get out now.”

His negotiations are getting better every night.

10 thoughts on “Bath Time with Eli

  1. boomiebol says:

    He’s too sweet! I wonder what’s it with washing their hair 🙂

    • mamacravings says:

      I feel so awful washing his hair….especially now that he can reason and bargain with me. But it’s baby shampoo, so I know it doesn’t hurt (though you would think that it was killing him by his reaction). I’m trying to teach him how take as much ownership as possible in washing it himself. It helps a little.

  2. Hmmmmm, it takes the fun out of it, when he is screaming like a banshee and you become the mama torturer……
    Not fun! Have you tried shampooing his hair in the sink? Maybe he would let you lay him on the kitchen / or bath counter, that is how my mom and did it with me! I think I was a real pill about it!

  3. 'Becca says:

    My son is a big negotiator, too. It can be adorable but also frustrating, and I totally relate to what Melinda said about feeling like a torturer! The bit about washing the fish reminded me of when my son wanted to brush Elmo’s teeth–there was more to it than I realized.

    Good luck with finding a hair-washing technique that works (quickly) for both of you!

    • mamacravings says:

      We are working on it slowly but surely. Now he likes his cool new trick of lying back in the water. I take opportunity and throw a cup of water on his head then 🙂

  4. moodymoose77 says:

    Did your Son get over his hairwashing fear?

    • mamacravings says:

      Yes! We found that the shower sprayer works best for washing his hair. He looks up at the ceiling while I spray his hair down. It doesn’t get in his eyes, and it’s quick.

      Before we discovered this, I would give him 2 options: I can pour the bucket on your head, or you can lie down in the water and rinse it yourself. Most of the time he preferred to rinse it himself. It took longer and several dunks, but he felt in control. So, it was his preference.

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