New Book from @GaspTreasure Author Scott Clements


October 18, 2012 by CassieCravings

A few of the most exciting words to a bookworm popped up on my email yesterday, “Your books have shipped!”

I happy danced.

My favorite new author, Scott Clements just released his second book: That Pet Finder Kid

That Pet Finder Kid

Even as excited as I was to get the new book into my hands, my students were just as excited. As we finished our latest chapter in Gasparilla’s TreasureI announced the release for Clements’ newest book. My 5th graders erupted into cheers and fist pumps. Clements’ adventurous and humorous writing has my students excited about reading and craving more.

Clements’ newest adventure, That Pet Finder Kid, follows the pet-finding quest of Chet Parker. ” After failing at sports, music, and almost everything imaginable, he gave up on ever finding his place in the world. But thanks to an accidental dose of modified dog DNA, things were about to change for Chet. With a new found connection to his six month old dog Zoe, Chet learns that Mr. Fluffy Pants, the cat of the most popular girl in school, has gone missing (book description).”

A kid trying to find his place in this world. Modified dog DNA. A cat named Mr. Fluffy Pants…This book is speaking my language!

The moment I get the book in and have it read, I promise a full review. But I didn’t want you to miss the opportunity to jump on the book for yourself.

craving more from Clements?

Here is a fb page, twitter page and website

needing a great read for your kids or your kids-at-heart?

Here is where you can purchase his book in paperpack or on kindle.


8 thoughts on “New Book from @GaspTreasure Author Scott Clements

  1. I get so excited when I hear your students and I are on the same emotional plain 🙂 … and I still smile from ear to ear every time I hear I’ve helped get, or keep, a kid excited about reading!! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with your students! It helps me remember, THAT is who I’m writing for 😀

    • mamacravings says:

      Lol! I’m right there with y’all! When my kids get excited, it is just that much more fire under my butt to push and challenge them.

      I never tire of my students saying, “If we finish everything, will you read extra pages of Gasparilla’s Treasure?”.

      I know that it will be the same for That Pet Finder’s Kid. In fact one of my little guys was pouting that our classroom copy was taking too many days to get to my mailbox. That kind of passion is so inspiring and so contagious!

  2. Juan Jr. says:

    If it is as good as the last book, it is going to be a hit!

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