Simple and Cute Craft for Halloween


October 20, 2012 by CassieCravings


Those that know me probably spit their coffee out when they saw the title.

Confession: I am not exactly good at crafting. I adore them, and my “Crafts I NEED to Try” is the biggest board of all on pinterest. My heart’s in it. But my clumsy fingers are not.

Knowing these facts, my mother still gave me a hot glue gun. I turned it over and stared at it like she had given me a block of gold. I wasn’t even sure how to work it or how to turn it on. But I was going to find out. So, I did the next logical thing. I grabbed my purse and went to Michaels.

Michaels is a glorious place.

For my craft, I bought:

~ 1 roll of white tulle (found in the wedding aisle)

~ 1 package of googly eyes (found in the holiday craft section)

~ 3ย cone topiary (found in floral crafts)

My goal was to make a cute and not-so-spooky ghost.

The craft:

1. Place a dot of low-heat glue onto the topiary to hold the tulle in place.

2. Once the tulle is secure, began wrapping the cone topiary. It takes quite a few layers to completely cover the Styrofoam.

3. Once covered, tuck that last bit of tulle under.


4. Glue the googly eyes onto your ghost.

Ta-da! You have a not so spooky and super easy ghost.


When I was done with my ghost, I sent a picture to the ultimate craft queen goddess Amy. She approved! **fist pump* She even named him Spookers. I know Amy could take this one little Spookers and turn him into a complete centerpiece or mantle display. She makes the best crafterpieces!

Spookers may not make it to Craft Wars, but I’m proud of my first attempt at a glue gun and official craft. It was fun. It was a moment to be creative. Now I will definitely have to tackle that “Crafts I NEED to Try” board.




8 thoughts on “Simple and Cute Craft for Halloween

  1. Carolyn (mama of the mama) says:

    Definition of Spookers: Casi with a glue gun. What was I thinking? Must be the paint fumes.

  2. Jeni says:

    Well now, this is adorable. And doable, which always, always trumps adorable.

  3. Yay! Cute… you have some tongue depressors? I have a neat craft for you two…..

  4. Take six , or more, tongue depressors, lay them down on a flat surface, one below the other in a square shape, tape the square together,
    Then turn it over. Now you have a wooden slat surface.
    Paint Eli’s foot white and press it down on the slatted surface.
    When dry add a set of eyes (black sharpie)and mouth to the heel side for the ghost!
    Then for the fun!
    When it is all dry you separate the slats, the tongue depressors, and you have a Halloween puzzle!
    He can also draw a picture with markers on another one ……such learning fun!

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