Eli vs. Eggs, Round 2


October 24, 2012 by CassieCravings

We have had an egg incident before.

This specific incident was started with a Baby Einstein DVD. It was about shapes. Eli found the segment on oval shaped eggs especially fascinating.

From the next room, I heard him belt out an original song, “Eggs are ovals! Ovals and eggs! Eggie eggs Ovals…”

Then the room got quiet. As parents, we all know the dangers of a quiet room and a toddler.

I yelled out, “Eli-O? What are you up to?”

A pause, then, “Nuffing.”

Oh yeah. It was time to move. “Nuffing” means that the room has been absolutely destroyed. I stood up and tried to casually dash to the living room.

Eli met me half way. He was holding an egg in one hand a sippie cup full of eggs in the other.

I froze. It’s best to approach these situations without startling the toddler.

“Heeeyyyyy there,” I smiled.

“I like oval eggs. I’s gunna squuishes them withs my BIG MUSCKLES!”

“Uh-huh,” I gulped, “May I have them, please?”

He sighed, “Sure, my mama. I shares with you.”

Quickly I snatched the eggs from his hands with relief.

“I just p’way with the o’der ones.”

“Wait! What other ones?”

Little Eli led me to the kitchen where 36 eggs were neatly laid out along the floor.

“Ta-da!” He gave his best jazz hands and shining grin.

The biggest ta-da was the fact that all 36 eggs were unbroken and only one sported a small crack. Ta-da indeed.



24 thoughts on “Eli vs. Eggs, Round 2

  1. Wow :). What a morning, LOL.

    • mamacravings says:

      LOL! Right?!! It was last night, which to me is worse. I was all out of steam. Thank goodness none of them were broken. I later found 2 more stuffed in an empty toilet paper roll. Um what?? He is too creative. 😉

      • Still laughing. Oh my goodness. Crazy that he was amazingly careful with ALL of those eggs and I would love to learn his strategy behind the two he put in toilet paper roll!! I love how their brains works. Awesome story 🙂

      • mamacravings says:

        Than you so much! I’m still laughing at it too. Of course, my coworkers and family seem more impressed than I was. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! lol!

  2. Carolyn Williams says:



  3. Hahaha –

    “Heeeyyyyyyyyy there.”

    I think we can all relate! I wish my kids called me My Mama, too.


    • mamacravings says:

      Lol! Right. That is a heart-stopping pray to Jesus moment.

      I love it when he calls me that. He started it when he was really little. It started out with “ma-ma-ma” and it evolved to “my mama” I will totally take it! 🙂

  4. Staci Smith says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy there!!!!!!!!! LOL I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  5. Talia says:

    Wow, they are such crazy little creatures sometimes. We have an incident where mine was attempting to peel potatoes when he was that age. I thought I was going to keep over before that one was over! Note that happened when the room got eerily quiet as well. Sometimes I think they should just jump from 12 months to 5 years LoL.

  6. Hahahaha I think I would have definitely lost my cool. Well done Mum! 🙂

  7. p.s. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the follow. A lovely compliment. Blessings to you!

  8. impressive!!! and yes i get very suspiscious too when my 2 sons go quiet. it means they are either hatching a plan or trying to hide the evidence of wrong-doing.

  9. Mia says:

    Too cute! Hurray for no broken eggs! 🙂

  10. Meghan says:

    HAHAHA! Adorable!!! 36 eggs oh my! You handled that situation pretty well!

  11. […] the last egg incident, I asked why he continually got them out. His response: “I likes ‘da eggs […]

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