A Mama Date


October 30, 2012 by CassieCravings

Fall means football season. Football season means more time away from the husband. That’s a bummer. But it also is a lot of great quality time with little Eli. That is fantastic.

On Friday night my favorite handsome, curly-haired, two-year old and I went on our first official mama date.

During dinner, as we waited for our food, I took a moment to look at my little boy. I mean really look at him. In just a few months, he will be considered a preschooler and not a toddler. I don’t want to forget the details of his babyhood.

His little hands struggled to hold his heavy cup of water. His fingers were still dimpled. He took delight in opening his own straw and in being able to stick the straw into the cup.

“Listen to your ears!,” he exclaimed. A little hand rested against his ear. “‘Tans you hear? ‘Dat ice is noisy to ‘da water.” Vigorously he shook the cup so that the ice crashed against it.

“O’tay, my mama. Your turns. Make the ice do ‘dis” He shook his whole body to illustrate.

I shook my glass with the same vigor as he did with his.

“Wow! You dids a great job! You has good ears to listens.”

His whole face lit up when he smiled. It positively glowed. Disheveled curls bounced about with every word he spoke. His entire body wiggled as he told stories and shared about his day, “I saws Misduwr Jody todays! Misduwr Jody my fwriend. He dwrived a tractor. We sings song.”

As our food arrived, he yelled out in victory, “I gots chickens and bwocli trees!”

The next table giggled. I shushed and reminded him of his inside voice.

“Oh sowwry,” he whispered to the waiter.

His feet kicked with delight as he danced in excitement. He carefully chose his first broccoli tree to devour. Slobbery fingers offered me a bite. I politely declined. He shrugged and continued his meal.

As wonderfully conversational as my little one is, while eating his answers became one syllable grunts of approval.

Eli and my mama date was quite the success. We didn’t do anything “big”. We simply enjoyed one another’s company while shopping and eating dinner. The more he grows, the more I crave these mama dates.


7 thoughts on “A Mama Date

  1. AMooreOn says:

    Aww I want a mommy date with my kids! Eli sounds so adorable. Plus, I’m impressed (and jealous) he eats broccoli!

  2. Sarah says:

    This is so precious!!! 🙂 I am definitely in need of a one on one mama date with my little Ethan. I need to plan this very soon!

  3. Mia says:

    Hi! I found your blog from looking for other moms to connect with! I’m fairly new to blogging, so I am looking for blog friends with similar interests. I can totally relate to your post. My husband coached football for 11 years! I had a lot of date nights with my oldest who is now 6. He hasn’t coached in a couple of years though. Still, I like to have time with my 2 boys for dates with mommy. 🙂

  4. Katie Wilson says:

    I want a mommy date! One with my mommy, and one with each kiddo! lol

    • mamacravings says:

      Oh yeah! We need mommy dates with our own mommies as well! 🙂 My mama and I do slumber parties during football season. When Juan has a late game, we pile in bed and watch worthless tv and chat and giggle. Eli loves having us both there, and we love the opportunity to unwind. 🙂

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