Conversations with Eli: Big Baby Boy


December 13, 2012 by CassieCravings


“Come here, Baby Bear.”

“I’s a big boy.”

“You are. May I still call you “Baby Bear”‘?

“Wells, I goes to ‘da potty like a big boy. I wears my big boy choo-choo train un-wears. I has a big boy sleepy bed. I writes my name ELIJAH! does a big boy too.”

“You do all of those things very well. You are growing to a very big boy.”


“You do all of these big boy things, and you have big boy things to look forward to. It won’t be long, and you will be riding a bike and counting to 100.”

“Yup! Ands I dunna have a birthday with birthday Eli cake and pwresents!”

“You will. Eli, you’re going to grow every day. First to big boy, then to a teenager and then to a man. You won’t be a baby anymore, but I still would like for you to be Mama’s baby.”

“Mama’s baby?”

“You will be too big to rock, but you can always have my hugs. You won’t need me to help you spell your name or write your letters correctly,  but you can always have my advice. And I hope you never, ever outgrow my kisses.”

“I likes your kisses.”

“I like your kisses too. My big boy, will you still be my baby?”

“I’s a big boy. But I’s your baby, my Mama.”


13 thoughts on “Conversations with Eli: Big Baby Boy

  1. Carolyn Williams says:

    best one ever


  2. Julie says:

    How sweet!

  3. Valerie says:

    Ok, seriously, that could be a children’s bedtime book! I second Julie’s “Holy Sweet” comment!! 😀

  4. justinep says:

    You’re killin’ me! Cutest! Cannot wait. And yet… can.

  5. mamasmorningcup says:

    Adorable and wonderful! I agree with Valerie – this needs illustrations and to be published. I’ll be the first to buy the book.

  6. No, actually I believe your gifts could easily be published, I would be happy to recommend you to my publisher!
    Tate Publishing is a Christian Publisher, they take new authors and you would love their artists, who would take care of the art work.

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