The Story of a Rough Morning: One Eye Without Mascara


January 23, 2013 by CassieCravings


Do you ever have those mornings where you wonder if you put mascara on both eyes?

This morning started with me being startled awake by unnerving silence. My alarm clock was going off. I had slept through it. I rolled out of bed only to slide across an oh-so wet spot on the sheets. Ugh. Eli’s Pull-Up had leaked in a major way.

This morning my child was grumpy. My clothes were wrinkled. I forgot to pack lunches the night before. Eli tore a hole in his favorite sweater. I turned on my car to remember that I had NO gas.

I leaned back in my seat and took a long, deep breath.

Little feet kicked at my seat, “Hey, ‘Duess wut?.” Eli laughed as he declared, “Today ‘dunna be a greats day!”

I smiled. So, my morning wasn’t fantastic. But I got to wake up to a husband who loves me and a beautiful baby boy…albeit in a bed of pee. Nothing’s perfect.

It’s going to be a great day. It doesn’t have to be a perfect day. But it’s going to be a great day.

I flipped open the visor mirror in my car to check my lip gloss only to find I had stopped midway in putting on mascara. One set of eyelashes were plump and full…the other was naked as could be.

My only-got-half-of-my-makeup-on-my-face morning spilled over into work into forgotten deadlines, rushed paper work, a surprise evaluation and a slew of ill students in need of hugs and extra love.

By my conference period, I was eager to pop open a diet Dr. Pepper and to just sit still for a moment.

This morning had a rough start but as Eli was quick to remind me, it’s “‘dunna be a greats day.”



15 thoughts on “The Story of a Rough Morning: One Eye Without Mascara

  1. He really has the answer hasn’t he? Like an answer to the unspoken prayer.

  2. Sarah says:

    Aww Eli is such a sweetheart! ❤

  3. Julie says:

    In everything give thanks, yes? I think Eli has a good start on understanding that.

  4. MommyVerbs says:

    At least you got one eye mascara-ed! 🙂 I was out of contact solution this morning, so I wore my glasses and never came back around to put eye make up on. I didn’t realize it until I got to work and everyone was asking me if I was ok; is anything wrong? I remember doing this one time before and my 2nd grade students looked at me so funny and then one said, “you look…faded.” Here’s hoping you have a greats day tomorrow!

    • mamacravings says:

      hahaha! I love “you look…faded.” I love the world through the eyes of kids. I tried to rub the one so that it didn’t look so unbalanced. Then I looked naked one eye and a hot mess on the other. le sigh.

  5. Kids are so great for changing your outlook!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE this!! I can soooo relate! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂
    Once I left to work with my fuzzy blue slippers on!! hahahaha
    ahhhh parenthood. The best!

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