Love “Middle Grade” Actually #Giveaway


February 8, 2013 by CassieCravings

One of mine and my students’ favorite authors is Scott Clements. Clements has a way of capturing my kids’ attention. His works have a way of opening up my most resistant readers and igniting a passion for reading. Clements….You know what. I think it’s best to hear it from the words of my own 5th graders:

“When you read Scott Clements’ books you’re going to be get addicted to them!” ~ Jasmin

“Have you ever read one of Scott Clements’ books? If not, you’re missing a lot! Scott Clements is an intelligent and amazing author that I would read any day. I really encourage you to read one or two of his books because he is the greatest author in the world and gives you a great picture in your mind.” ~ Ali

“You should read Scott Clements’ books because they are full of adventure and wonder. They may even bring you into a new world!” ~ Josiah

“Scott Clements is the best book writer ever. I love his books so much!” ~ Oddessey

“I think kids and adults should read his books because they make you feel about yourself. And it’s funny! You will laugh really hard. And if you’re sad, he makes you happy.” ~James

“The books are awesome. They will make you laugh and make you get excited about books!” ~ NaTavia

“All around the world people are reading Mr. Clements’ books. You should read them too because they are funny, mysterious and cool to read! You will thank me for listening to my advice.” ~ Jerisha

There are nearly 60 more of these reviews from my 5th graders. As a teacher, I cannot say enough about the impact Clements’ books has had on my kids. One student said, “It’s like he gets me and gets what I’m going through. Then he makes the story funny. He makes me feel like I can be a hero too.”

You can imagine with this type of impression on my children, I am a big cheerleader for Clements. So, when he said that he is going to be a part of a giveaway, I jumped at the chance to let y’all in on it.

ebookcover3 (1)

Scott says: “14 middle grade authors have come together and put the first chapter(s)of our books in one ebook sampler.

The ebook will be free for 5 days on Amazon. Hidden within the book is the code to enter a rafflecopter giveaway for a Kindle Fire. The contest runs February 7-14. The book is FREE from February 7-11.

The “drawing” for the winner will be on Valentine’s Day.”

Here are the instructions for entering the giveaway.

Craving more about these books from these 14 great authors? Check out this trailor.

2 thoughts on “Love “Middle Grade” Actually #Giveaway

  1. Who is that Clements guy! He sounds awesome!!!! Tell your kids I really appreciate them!

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