Is it Worth it?: DIY Valentine’s Day Cards


February 11, 2013 by CassieCravings


Valentine’s Day is an over $17 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone according to USA Today. While I’m a sucker for a heart shaped box of chocolates, I wonder if hand-made Valentine’s Day cards would be worth the time and the effort.

This edition of “Is it Worth it?” is a bit different than the previous ones on DIY Laundry Soap and DIY Fabric softener in that I didn’t scour pinterest for ideas. I just sat down with my son and crafted, colored and created.

The materials I used were found in my craft closet. I didn’t spend a dime on these cards. They are certainly hand-made and are not the store-bought quality. But my son and I made them with love…and limited craftiness.

We made several different cards, but here are 3 of my favorites:

1. I “wheelie” like you.

wheelie like you

2 year-old Eli is infatuated with anything that goes. I remembered this “I ‘wheelie’ like you.” statement from another Valentine from years ago.

For this Valentine, I used a flower from my Cricut “Accents” cartridge to create a wheel. I simply pasted this onto a piece of scrapbook paper I had and wrote “I ‘wheelie’ like you. ❤ Eli” on the front. On the back of the card, Eli signed his name and decorated it to his heart’s content.

These Valentines will be for his classmates.

2. You are one of a kind.

heart valentine
 These hearts, clothespins and twine were leftover from our Valentine’s Day shoot with Eli. I wrote “You are one of a kind” on the pink one and pasted the hearts and twine on white card stock. On the top of the Valentine, I wrote “Thank you for investing in my heart. ❤ Eli” Eli then signed the top of the card and drew his version of a heart.

This Valentine went to Eli’s Sunday school directors.

3. My heart would be blue without you.

heart feet valentine

This Valentine is my personal favorite. Eli was not interested in the pink or red paint that I had planned for Valentines. He requested blue. At first, I tried to explain to him the traditional colors of the holiday…but then I realized that this was his. We would use the blue.

I used his feet to make a print of his heart. With Sharpie I wrote, “My heart would be blue without you…”

On the back, he decorated the page and drew a “rocket ship” and a “happy balloon”. This Valentine is for his teacher.


For the Valentines I wanted to make sure not to completely take over the project. So, I made sure to leave space or entire sides of the cards that were dedicated to Eli’s creative side.


How much did it cost? This project didn’t cost us anything. We used the paper, paint and other materials that were already in our closets.

How much time did it take? We have worked on our project for about 30 minutes at a time in a few different sessions. I wanted to take the time and let Eli help and spend quality time with him. So, it did take quite a while. But I spread it out over a few days.

Is it worth it? Monetarily I saved myself about $20. However, the time spent with my son as we poured over our little crafts has been absolutely priceless. So, I definitely found it to be worth it.



4 thoughts on “Is it Worth it?: DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Mama Carmody says:

    DIY Valentine’s are definitely worth it; both for the giver and the receiver. I used to teach preschool and I loved the handmade things the student’s gave me. As a matter of fact, even though those preschoolers are now in high school, I still have some of the things that they made for me.

  2. Meghan says:

    I love DIY cards for any occasion over a hallmark card. They are so personal and special. I have something fun in the works for hubs from Avery and I for V-day instead of spending oodles of $ on crap.

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