Conversations with Eli: Persistence and a Helper


February 27, 2013 by CassieCravings

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“Why are crying, Little One?”

“I ‘tan’t do it!”

“It can be very disheartening when we can’t do something. What are you trying to do?”

“Rides my bicycle, so I, Eli, cans be a big boy. But I ‘tan’t do it!”

“You can’t do it YET. A little persistence and more practice will get you there in no time.”

“I’s so sad in my heart. I wants to ride my bicycle. I twried and I twried and I twried.”

“And you will try again. It’s okay to be frustrated and to get down when you have worked hard and still can’t do something. When you’re ready to try again, would you like for me to help?”

“Yes, puhlease. You’s be my helper.”

“I would love to be your helper.”

“T’anks, my Mama. You’s my heart helper to not cwry anymore. You’s a good helper.”

26 thoughts on “Conversations with Eli: Persistence and a Helper

  1. says:

    Sweet baby boy

    Tasha Cain

  2. Such a sweetie! Next thing we know, he’ll be scooting all over the neighborhood in a bike!

  3. oana79 says:

    He had a heart of gold. You are one lucky mama!

  4. Staci Smith says:

    My sweet little Eli don’t cry….just remember what the little engine that could always said when he tried to get over that big hill over and over….”I think I can, I think I can. You will be able to ride that bike all by yourself one 🙂

  5. perfectday says:

    So sweet!

  6. Julie says:

    “You’s my heart helper to not cwry anymore.” He just makes my heart melt.

  7. kierrajanay says:

    Oh Gosh this was so sweet and heart-warming! Almost cried lol(im emotional)

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