Happy Birthday, Mamacravings!


March 21, 2013 by CassieCravings

Baby Eli on his 2nd birthday

Happy Birthday, mamacravings

One year ago today,  I nervously hit the “publish” button on a new adventure. I started blogging because I wanted a keepsake of sorts for little Eli as he grew. I wanted to share my parenting experience, and I wanted to learn from other parents as we go through this non-mapped journey of parenthood.

The moment I posted my first blog, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it, would like what I would have to say, or would think I was qualified to say it. But those butterflies were quieted by a drive to keep writing.

To my pleasant surprise, notifications started to blink and have continued to grow. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your continual sharing of the cravings! Y’all have blessed me so much with your support, emails, comments, likes, shares and tweets. Thank you!

Mamacravings’ “Happy Birthday” is also shared with NonMom. While her blog is a few years more seasoned, mamacravings started as a secret I shared with her about wanting to write. She encouraged me and has answered every silly question I could come up with. When she didn’t know an answer, she worked until she found it. She is a dear friend and a wonderful mentor. Thank you, Amy, for all that you have done for mamacravings and for me. ❤


Amy from NonMom (photo by Jackie Rogers)

Amy from NonMom (photo by Jackie Rogers)

Happy 1 year, mamacravings! I hope this is the first anniversary of many for us.


Wondering what to get mamacravings for our birthday? a like, follow or to subscribe would be perfection! 😉


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mamacravings!

  1. Congratulations & Happy Birthday! Keep going.

  2. Kimberley says:

    Casi you are a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and little Eli this past year; and I’m glad you followed your dream to write. I love reading your blog, your adoration for your son is so evident. It’s always touching because I understand just how you feel Momma. I’m so glad you’re enjoying every minute and allowing us to share it with you. All love. Kiss Eli for me!


    • mamacravings says:

      Well, Kimber. I’m officially crying. I adore you! Have I told you that lately? ‘Cuz I do ❤ You have been so instrumental in my life and my confidence in approaching attachment and gentle parenting in the most meaningful way.

      I'm certainly in love with that kid! He's a precious, intuitive and loving soul. I am one blessed mama!

  3. fiammisday says:

    Happy BDAY to ypur blog dear!!!! A big big kiss

  4. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog!! Keep up the hard work! 🙂

  5. Happy Blogging Birthday to you!!! Great job!

  6. & I’ve enjoyed it every step of the way! You are a breath of fresh air when so many people just complain. 🙂
    I love your stories, your tips, DIYs, the list goes on. Most of all, I’ve grown to love YOU and we’ve never met face to face. You are definitely one of the people I was referring to in my “Friends vs. Followers” post & one of my best blogging buddies.
    Never change. 🙂 Stay strong.
    *big hugs*
    Happy Blog Birthday, mamacravings!

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