Conversations with Eli…and a few other kids: Mother’s Day Surveys


May 13, 2013 by CassieCravings

My favorite part of Mother’s Day is hearing it from the kids’ perspective. Nothing gets me giggling and oohing and ahhing quite a like a survey about Mom.

On facebook, I asked what has been some Mamas’ favorite Mother’s Day comments and responses from the kids’ perspective:



“My mom is as pretty as a dog.” ~ Ava, age 5


“My mom looks pretty when she wears a new dress.

I love my mom as much as a dog.” ~ Ty, age 7


“I know my mom is smart because she told me.

I love my mom because she works so hard at being patient.” ~ Elizabeth, age 10


“I love my because she reads me the Bible.” ~ Camille, age 10


Nathan: “Mom, if I didn’t have you I would eat dirt”
Mom: “Why, because you wouldn’t have anyone to cook for you?
Nathan:”No, because you wouldn’t be able to tell me not too.” ~Nathan, age 6


Description of mom: “purple hair, green eyes, happy teeth and is taller than me” ~ Sophie (will be 3 years in July)


Happy Mother’s Day greeting from a toddler: “Lane came busting in yelling, ‘Hoppy bufday, Mommy!'”


An extra sweet card for Grandma: “We wrote on my moms Mother’s Day card: ‘Grandmas are just moms with more f r o s t i n g!!!'”


3 year-old Eli’s take on why we have Mother’s Day: “Be’tause it all ‘da mamas birfday today. And ‘dey gets cakes.”



the reason I celebrate ❤

What was your favorite kid quote this Mother’s Day? 


13 thoughts on “Conversations with Eli…and a few other kids: Mother’s Day Surveys

  1. My son’s survey said my favorite place to eat was “Panda Express” (I’ve never been there) and my favorite movie…War Movies. What? Maybe he just copied the kid next to him in class!

  2. Lynn says:

    These are great!

  3. My very well trained son wrote me this: “I love you. You are very nice and you wear pretty clothes.” His brother on the other hand when asked if a skirt I was wearing looked nice replied, “It’s a nice skirt, Just not on you.” Honesty. Refreshing. I binned the skirt. It made me feel like a lampshade anyway.

  4. I once interviewed my kids asking them questions about me (and other things, too). I love hearing their responses! This is that interview. Kids are fun little creatures.

  5. The marker on the legs is SO funny…probably because my 3 yr old just did that yesterday! 🙂 Stopping in from the may bloggy moms blog hop!

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