Is it Worth It?: DIY Febreeze


May 21, 2013 by CassieCravings

For a while, I have been wanting to try a DIY Febreeze recipe, but the only recipes I can find include store-bought fabric softener. Well, I ditched the store bought fabric softener for a homemade recipe.

Scouring the internet did not find a good alternative. That left me with a couple of options. 1.) I could buy store-bought fabric softener purposed only for the DIY Febreeze or 2.) I could use my homemade fabric softener.

While that sounds easy enough, my homemade fabric softener has vinegar in it. The heat of the dryer is what kills that unmistakable odor of vinegar. I was curious if I could make a DIY Febreeze with vinegar if the final product would be very…..pleasant.

Today the even bigger question to “Is it Worth it?” is “Are my fabrics going to smell overwhelmingly like a rancid Easter concoction?”

What you need


1. 3 tbsp of fabric softener (DIY recipe isΒ here.)

2. 1 tbsp of baking soda

3. 2-3 cups of hot water

4. essential oilsΒ 

5. empty squirt bottle

What to do

This is a dump and stir situation.

1. Pour all ingredients into squirt bottle (adjust measurements as needed to fit your bottle).

2. Shake it. πŸ™‚

Is it worth it?Β 


I first tried this little recipe on a couple of my husband’s shirts. I have found that I have to remember to shake the bottle or a tad bit of that vinegar smelling residue will linger. I shake the bottle EVERY time I use it.

The scent of the DIY Febreeze is limited to the essential oils that you mix into it . I added lemon (a disinfectant and energy booster) and lavender (a calming relaxer). The DIY Febreeze had a very light and subtle scent. It’s nothing like the strength of the store-bought, but it definitely killed odors in the closet and on the couch and on the curtains….I may have become a little excited once I realized the vinegar wouldn’t be an issue.

Is it worth it? I say, “Yes!”. Not only is it cheaper, it’s the void of chemicals. And it does more than kill odors. With the vinegar, baking soda and essential oils, my Febreeze is killing germs and lifting moods all over our home.

17 thoughts on “Is it Worth It?: DIY Febreeze

  1. Thanks, I am going to try this out tomorrow if I can wangel some itme out of my current How the the Hell am I going to Make a Doctor Who Policebox Cake dilemma.

  2. crazymom1386 says:

    You could try apple cider vinegar in the DIY recipe.

  3. Mama Carmody says:

    Thanks for sharing this. We actually don’t like Febreeze because it smells too strong. I will have to try your DIY version.

    • mamacravings says:

      Ahh! What a perfect solution for your family πŸ™‚ I really like how refreshing and lightly scented it is. Someone could always add more essential oils if they wanted as well.

  4. So great to share non-toxic alternatives! We don’t use any chemicals in our home πŸ™‚ Essential oils are also overlooked. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Carmen Q says:

    Do you mean baking soda? Your ingredient list states baking powder.

  6. Dawn says:

    Just the answer to my question. I’ve recently made my own fabric softner using vinegar and cheap conditioner (so not totally chemical free) but we like it. We are very new to this Do It Yourself Make It Yourself fun that I haven’t purchased the essential oil armory yet. Need to find where to buy in my area. Once I do I will be giving this ago. Thanks for sharing

  7. Tiffany says:

    Hi! I don’t use fabric softener at all but I do glug some vinegar into the washing machine when I have a stinky load. With a 9 y/o bedwetter and two others boys I have some stinky loads! I am very interested in your febreeze recipe, especially since I do. not. want to buy fabric softener just to make febreeze. I am planning on making it with a TBSP of vinegar instead of making up a batch of 3 pts water/ 1 pt vinegar just to mix it with 2-3 more cups of water. Thanks for the recipe, I am looking forward to using it on damp sleeping bags when we go camping next week…

    • mamacravings says:

      I would use as much vinegar as you can stand. The water does a great job of diluting that oh-so-familiar vinegar scent. I give it a good shake before I use and have had the same bottle for over a month. It still doe the trick.

      I haven’t personally used that much vinegar, but I think for your needs, it might be needed. If there is that vinegar-after-smell, throw it in the dryer for a bit to neutralize it.

  8. Jennifer says:

    One of the other natural recipies I found adds the essential oil to the Baking Soda while its powder and mixes those then adds those to the water and vinegar or water and vinegar to those. The purpose was to keep the oil suspended in the Vinegar worth a try

  9. Jade says:

    How many drops of essential oil do you use?

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