The Day my Sleeping Angel Left a Wet Spot on Someone Else’s Couch


June 28, 2013 by CassieCravings

You know you’re a mom when, You are practically giddy when the opportunity for grown-up time arrives. You slap on your favorite lip gloss and hit the road. The kids play. The mamas gossip  catch up. The little one finally tires and crawls in your lap for a nap. The mama talk barely misses a beat as he curls himself into a comfortable, lovable ball.

You know you’re a mom when, that snuggly sleeping child suddenly halts all adult conversation because he has had an accident. It’s a moment where you are slow to lift the child to see the damage.

It. is. everywhere.

This couch is not yours. You are painfully reminded of this as it is missing all of the spots and stains that your own couch possesses….well until now anyway. Now it will forever hold a pee-spot left by your child.

By everywhere I also mean your clothes are also soaked. Your arms are dripping. Your shorts are stuck to your leg.

If these events didn’t make it abundantly clear that you are knee deep in mom world, then you are absolutely sure of motherhood when you are more mortified about the friend’s wet spot on the couch than you are of your own urine soaked clothing.

My. Goodness.
This mama needs coffee….and a shower.



16 thoughts on “The Day my Sleeping Angel Left a Wet Spot on Someone Else’s Couch

    • mamacravings says:

      Lol! I was mortified!! I couldn’t believe that actually happened!! Thankfully, this is a very good friend who has seen me in much less flattering moments than dripping with someone else’s pee. Ha! Not long after it happened, she said, “This should go on facebook!”. 😉

  1. kyrstalenon says:

    One of the first things my son did after being born was to pee on his great-grandma! 🙂 He’s also peed on his grandma’s couch. Being only 1, I’m sure there are more accidents to come!!

  2. Melanie says:

    My son hasn’t peed on anyone else’s things yet but he has had gas issues since day one and has spat up on many peoples’ carpets, couches, you name it. It happens. I’m sure you were horrified but any good friend would just laugh and shrug it off. Oh, and of course, post about it on facebook! I hope tomorrow has more exciting things in store for you!

  3. mymotherlied2me says:

    Ahh!! But, oh so sweet! I love your writing style!

  4. larva225 says:

    And as a fellow mom, I can safely say “Eh, it’s only baby pee.”

  5. Travel Lady says:

    Oh. My. Goodness…As a non drinker, I would be more likely to find the nearest bottle, take a few swigs before cleaning. I have had other kids pee on our’s, I am probably the only mother that doesn’t care – and reasons why I have covers on mine!

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