Dreams to Come

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July 23, 2013 by CassieCravings

We were snuggled under our favorite red blanket. It was soft and cozy. His feet were propped neatly on my leg, and his head rested dreamily on my chest. I whispered a bedtime story lazily, trying desperately to pry open my eye-lids. The pages heavily turned in our picture book.

“What is that?!,” my 3 year-old sat straight up in his exclamation. His finger was planted firmly in the center of the glossy page.

“The Eiffel Tower,” I yawned.

He buried himself back into my arms, “What is it like?”

I smiled wearily. His curiosity has always been of my favorite traits. I told him of the lights at night and how we would have to strain our necks to see the top. He asked if I had ever been, and I lamented that I had not.

He thought for a bit and smiled that familiar determined smile, “Let’s go to ‘da ‘Awful Tower’, my Mama. Just yous and me.”

My sleepiness melted into the flip-flop of my heart. Who could refuse such an offer?

“It is far away,” I sighed, “We would even have to cross an ocean.”

“Could we swims?”

“I’m afraid not. The best swimmers have had a terrible time getting across.”

“And ‘da sharks.”

“Yes. There are the sharks.”

He pondered a bit more. I could all but see the wheels turning behind his brown eyes. Again he smiled again, “I’s dwrives a boat. A boat all ‘da way to ‘da other side! And we will wave to ‘da sharks. ‘Den we see ‘da ‘Awful Tower’ and it’s lights. I hope it will still be super big ‘den.”

So, a promise was made that evening. My boy and I will one day see the Eiffel Tower together. It was decided that Daddy should come too. And perhaps we will take a plane instead of a boat to cross that ocean.

The bedtime story was halted due to plans being made. I’m not sure who drifted to sleep first, but I do know it was to each other’s whispers of big dreams and adventures to come.


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