The Day I Turned 30


September 16, 2013 by CassieCravings

The snooze button had been smashed twice already. But I wasn’t asleep. Piled in my bed, I rested quietly in the noises of early morning.

My husband appeared from the dressing room ready for work. He kissed me. “Happy Birthday,” he whispered. I sighed contently and closed my eyes. My dreams drifted back to childhood fantasies scribbled in sticker covered journals.

As a girl, I was sure I would grow up to live in a big southern house in the country. There would be a large garden to tend and half a dozen kids to raise. I was sure I would spend my days curled in a worn armchair writing novel after novel. I couldn’t imagine a better life.

Today I turn 30. I am in a medium sized house in the middle of town. My garden currently has 1 tomato growing on a wilted plant. My one and only child is sleeping soundly on my arm. I have never written a novel and am not even the least inspired to begin one. But I cannot imagine a better life.

I glance at the clock. I need to get up, but I draw my little boy a bit closer to me. I bury my face in his curls. I listen to his soft snore. I take take the time to enjoy the moment just a few minutes longer. It is my birthday, after all.

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14 thoughts on “The Day I Turned 30

  1. Carolyn Williams says:

    O.K., now you are officially 30. It is past 10:17. I love you, Happy Birthday The mama’s mama


  2. 312east5th says:

    oh happy birthday! i am about to turn the big 30 in a couple weeks myself… i agree, things aren’t what i imagined, i always felt 30 would feel… well older… but it doesn’t. it doesn’t feel much different in fact! but anyways, i hope you had a lovely day!

  3. Xara says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Carla Vincent says:

    Happy birthday! I’m in my mid-40s and let me tell you, I still feel great. A little morning sickness from the pregnancy, but still great. Some people complain about turning 30…I honestly felt great and I hope you do too! ; )

    May God bless you in your 30th year and all of the years to come! : )

  5. TJ Eckstein says:

    So I saw this come across my Facebook feed and today was my 30th birthday too 🙂 I don’t know you but I hope you had a super fabulous day!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, cherishing that beautiful family of yours!!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday dear friend! You are Gods gift to this awesome world! All the best. I hope you had a better than good day! 😀

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