Ha’tty Birfsday to yous!


November 15, 2013 by CassieCravings

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Every morning as I slip out of bed, my curly headed boy snores quietly next to me, his mouth up-turned in a dream, his curls unruly, his dimpled hands resting softly under his head.

I shuffle to my morning routine, turning the outdated knobs of our shower, running a brush through my sleep-matted hair as I wait for the water to heat. Every morning begins the same: quiet and lazy.

About the time that I’m sifting through outfit possibilities in the closet, I begin to hear an exaggerated stretching. The duvet rustles and my boy sits up. He yawns loudly. He grins boldly. “My Mama!,” he chirps.

I go to kiss him. My eyes are still heavy. His eyes are already bright. “I’m stho glad ‘dat ‘da sthun came ups today!” I nod in agreement. “Good morning, my Mama, ” he continues. I smile a “good morning” back to him. He rests into my arms. I pause the getting-ready to hold him, to smell his hair, to listen to his energetic chatter.

Every morning the conversation is the same. And every morning, my 3 year-old boy sings me a song. He stops whatever adventurous story mid-word and carols, “Ha’tty birsfday to yous! Ha’tty birsday to you! You’s my Mama! And it yous birsday. Ha’tty birsfday to yous!”

Not long ago, I asked him why he sings “Happy Birthday” to me every morning. His answer was simple, “Be’tause we gets a new day!”

Today is a new day. No matter the happenings, frustrations, disappointments or even celebrations of the day before. Today is a new day. Every morning I get the wise reminder from my young child that each day that we are given is a gift and deserving of celebration. It is deserving of recognition and even of song.

“Ha’tty Birfsday to yous, Today.” I am so glad that they sun came up today.



12 thoughts on “Ha’tty Birfsday to yous!

  1. mollytopia says:

    Ha’tty Birfsday to you and your little one too : ) Great post!

  2. Dawn says:

    He is so incredibly cute. It sounds like you have a melt your heart baby boy like my Trenton. What a sweet lesson. Love this story.

  3. This is so precious. Children are the best…melted my heart!

  4. Carla Vincent says:

    What a sweetie. 🙂 We can learn so much from children.

  5. Staci Smith says:

    I just love him so much :)…the way he looks at things are so amazing!!

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