Conversations with Eli: Encouragement


January 17, 2014 by CassieCravings


“I’s wanna buy H a cawrd.”

“What kind of card?”

“A pwretty one withs puwrple. ‘Dat her fav-uh-writ.”

“We can look at cards. Why do you want to get her a card?”

“Be’tause she need en’touwgment.”

“Elijah, what’s encouragement?”

“Giving happy when youwr fwriend don’t haves enough.”

“You’re a wise little boy.”

“I’s just have good thoughts in my heawrt sthometimesth.”


13 thoughts on “Conversations with Eli: Encouragement

  1. T. Dawn says:

    …that was my heart splattering all over the place. Adorable. I tell my 17 mth old baby boy he makes his Momma “mushy”. I get the feeling Eli does that to you. He is adorable. And your ability to capture his syllables is cute overload. It’s just too much.

    Gooey-ness aside, you’re right. You do have a wise little boy. I bet that made you just beam when he gave you his definition of “en’touwgment”. It’s just too much.

    • mamacravings says:

      I definitely get all mushy with my little guy. He has such a heart for people. It is inspiring and humbling for this mama, for sure.

      I was this close (holding my fingers uber close together right now) to dismissing his want for a card. We were in a hurry, and I had an arm load of stuff already. I’m really thankful I took the time to let him be him.

      • T. Dawn says:

        I get slapped in the face, more often than I would like to admit, by what transpires when I am patient with my kids. It’s those moments that usually make me laugh the hardest or fills my heart the most. Your “card” moment is very familiar to me.

      • mamacravings says:

        You and me both, mama. It’s amazing how much these kiddos teach us to grow up when we’re supposed to be raising them.

  2. My gosh. What a precious, lovely little boy.

  3. Sophia says:

    Wise words always come from children. They are indeed the most honest human beings ever!

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