A Journey through Adoption Begins with “Thank you!”


February 9, 2015 by CassieCravings

Thank You for the Difference You are Making! 

Just a week ago, our family made the big announcement that we are adopting! It has been quite the secret to keep, and I couldn’t wait to share with you. I expected celebration, but I never expected such an out-pour of support. I am overwhelmed in the most wonderful way; within one week you shared our story on over social media 1,100 times!


Thank you for sharing our story over 1,100 times last week!

“Thank you” isn’t a big enough statement. It doesn’t begin to cover how humbled and how grateful we are as you have exhorted our family throughout last week. Every message, comment, share, like, and contribution has made a difference.

This week week has flooded my inbox with everything from “We are praying for you!” to “I sent your story to Ellen!”.


Readers even sent our story to Ellen!

One phone call that stands out is one from a very dear friend and talented artist, Andrew Murray. He wants to support us, and in true Andrew fashion, he came up with a plan that is bigger than life. He is offering an incredibly generous promotion as recognition to your benevolent contribution to the Hopeful Piggy-Bank.


Thank you for supporting us at Hopeful Piggy-Bank: Ortiz Adoption

Houston Artist wants to say “Thank You!” with a Custom Illustration Tee-Shirt or 8×10 Print! 


As a “thank you” to everyone who gives $50 or more, Andrew will create a custom illustration tee-shirt or 8×10 print on gallery quality photo paper. The illustration can be of your pet, your child, and/or yourself.  Just send us a photo after you submit your donation and include the following information:

  • T-shirt or 8″x10″ Print
  • T-shirt Size (This is not needed if you select an 8″x10″ print)
  • T-shirt / Background Color
  • Your Shipping Address (Please allow up to 14 business days from the time of your donation for your customized gift to be shipped)

Your custom illustration tee-shirt can be created with a picture of you, your child, or your pet!

**Please note that this offer only applies to Readers in the continental U.S. Unfortunately, because of shipping, it will not apply to our northern neighbors or overseas*

Thank you, Andrew, for giving such beautiful and thoughtful gifts to those who are supporting our dream financially.


Pet tee image

Custom Illustration Tee-Shirt Example




Thank you, Readers, for all that you have done to help us to complete our family.

Would you like to share, comment or donate to the Hopeful Piggy-Bank? Click here.

18 thoughts on “A Journey through Adoption Begins with “Thank you!”

  1. Congratulations Hun, I read your story, your a fighter. You’re an inspiration to many who have struggled with infertility issues. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jackie says:

    This is such great news! Congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations on adopting! It’s a wonderful, scary, fabulous, frustrating, unimaginably joyful journey. If you ever need some encouragement from one who’s been there, please don’t hesitate. God bless you in this calling:)

  4. mzzshadyy says:

    Wow! Congrats! Great news

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