My Son Broke my Heart with his Birthday Wish List


March 9, 2015 by CassieCravings

birthday picture

We were snuggled in bed and having a quiet morning. Eli was home from school sick. We chatted about his upcoming birthday party to be hosted at his great grandparents’ house and talked dreamily of which cake we might get. As we planned from under our fortress of pillows and Grammy’s quilts, I asked 4 year-old Eli what he wanted for his birthday. “Don’t answer yet!” I shushed him quickly as I pulled out my phone, thinking it would be cute to film the wish list for his grandparents. With an, “All right. Go!”, the red button blinked and Eli broke my heart.

On his list, he didn’t ask for toys. He didn’t mention any of the books and puzzles he’s been eyeing at the store. He had only one thing on his list, what he’s been praying for for over a year. He asked for a baby.

Trying to keep it together, I asked for a back up gift. Then he blew me away. He wanted nothing for himself. His back up was toys for the baby.

As I turned off the camera, I held my selfless little boy close. His unwavering faith continues to amaze me. I pushed back the tears, and I thanked God for my child and for his Hope.

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10 thoughts on “My Son Broke my Heart with his Birthday Wish List

  1. whitneymaeve says:

    So wonderful. What a sweet little guy. Praying for you all!

  2. Kids…bless their little hearts

  3. What faith! I’ll be praying for your adoption journey, he’s going to be a great big brother!

  4. Me says:

    It’s a long road, but I pray one day you will hold your second child, look back and say “Wow, the pain was nothing compared to the love it brought”. Stay strong ❤

  5. Oh my. This took my breath away! Bless his heart and praying for that pray to be answered. God will do it! ❤️

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