Eli Needs Your Help to Pack his Big Brother Bag


April 6, 2015 by CassieCravings

I asked Eli a question: What is special about this suitcase?

When I asked him this, I wasn’t sure how much he knew about the bag or of it’s significance. But he has noticed, and he does know. This little ducky suitcase is special. It’s what he will carry on the day he meets his baby sibling. As we continue our #BigBrotherBag project, it is becoming even more special.

Everyone who contributes $4 to the Hopeful Piggy-Bank will have his/her name added to the bag. Why $4? If every mamacravings reader generously donated $4, our family will have raised enough money to be on the waiting list to adopt our child. Can you imagine the impact of your $4 on our family? it would be great, and it would be deeply appreciated.

The video stops about 30 seconds into his explanation. I wish I kept recording. He began to gush about his baby and wonder about what she (He’s convinced Baby is a girl. We have yet to convince him that a brother would also be acceptable.) looks like, what it’s like to hold her for the first time and what it will be like to watch her grow.

I melt at his love and devotion for this sibling he has never met. As we were walking back to our home, I asked him which he thought would be more exciting: riding an airplane or seeing the baby. He quickly answered, “Easthy. Meeting muh baby will be ‘da bestht day in ‘da wowrld.”

Thank you for making our dream a reality. Click HERE to add your name to Eli’s Big Brother Bag!



3 thoughts on “Eli Needs Your Help to Pack his Big Brother Bag

  1. KPadgett says:

    What a nice idea. He is so sweet.

  2. […] while back, I introduced the Big Brother Bag as the suitcase Eli will carry when we go to meet our baby. That already makes this a very special […]

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