One Cast, Two Cast. Red Cast, Blue Cast.


July 14, 2015 by CassieCravings

The week that my son broke his arm was a tough one. There was an Urgent Care visit followed by a pediatrician visit followed by an orthopedic specialist visit. Finally Eli was in a cast and the scary “surgery” word was officially off the table by the last visit of the week.


Through all of the appointments, Eli wins the award for “best attitude”.

Whew! Now all that we had to do was to wait it out for a few weeks, do a couple of follow ups, and continue with our summer!


cast #1

Not quite.

Less than 24 hours of getting the cast on, our creative, curious, precocious and persistent 5 year-old excused himself from the room and maneuvered his cast off of his arm. Off. Of. His. Arm.

Of course this happened at 4PM on a Friday. The doctors offices were not returning phone calls. Instead of going to preschool graduation as planned, we were back at an Urgent Care. This time we were able to get a cast on-site (Thank God!). So, we did not have to wait it out through the weekend.


cast #2 (with accessories)

When asked how he got his cast off, Eli’s response was: It was easthy. It justht took sthome wowrk.

When asked why he took his cast off, his response was: It was hawrd to puhlay ‘da puhlaystation.

Once he realized that the cast was supposed to stay on the arm (Who knew we had to tell him that?!), he did not try to remove it. He even eventually figure out how to maneuver the play station controller with the cast on his arm.


8 thoughts on “One Cast, Two Cast. Red Cast, Blue Cast.

  1. One cute and determined little boy!

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