Adoption Update: Big Brother Bag 

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July 16, 2015 by CassieCravings

This little bag holds very big dreams.

A while back, I introduced the Big Brother Bag as the suitcase Eli will carry when we go to meet our baby. That already makes this a very special bag, but you made it so much more so.

I announced that every person who donated in a week’s time would have his/her name added to the bag. It was so humbling to watch the donations begin to pour in. Kind notes of encouragement and #hopeforeli filled up my email, my Facebook and this blog.

I cannot say this enough: Thank you. You are instrumental in helping us to prepare for our child. My family could not do this without you. It will cost over $30,000 to adopt our baby. As teachers, it will take us years to save up for this. We are so humbled that you have looked into our dreams and found it worthy to make them come true.

Because of you, we are another step closer to adoption. Because of you, Eli has a wonderful keepsake and a beautiful story to tell his little sibling: we dared to hope, and you hoped with us.  #hopewitheli


Big Brother in Waiting reads a book about Adoption (Wild about You) to a captive audience.

Dreams are being realized at The Hopeful Piggy-Bank. Please click Hopeful Piggy Bank to subscribe to the Ortiz family journey, to donate to the adoption fund, and/or to leave encouragement for the family. 



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