Hey, Mama. Celebrate You as You.


December 28, 2015 by CassieCravings

I journal every day. My notebooks are just an outpouring of thoughts. Many times they are disorganized and covered in errors and scratchings. There are entries that are more doodles than actual words. While I don’t write in them with the intention of sharing, sometimes I feel like what I’m writing could also be what is on another mama’s heart. As feeling inadequate is a theme that keeps popping up in my own thoughts and writings, I wanted to share an entry.

Here is a bit of this morning’s musings from my mama journal:

There is a lot of energy wasted wallowing in what I am not, especially as a mother.

I am not spontaneous enough, crafty enough or fun enough. I’m awful at keeping schedules and don’t cook often. So, I must not measure up. I must be failing.

Perhaps the signs above aren’t signs of a failure but signs of being human. Instead of dwelling on what I am most certainly not, I can celebrate what I am: I am a mama who connects with her child. I am a teacher who delights in the most curious questions. I am a story-teller who can make my child giggle, gasp and contemplate all in the same tale.

I am not perfect, but I am me. I am the mama my child is intended to have.


I am the mama my child is intended to have.


15 thoughts on “Hey, Mama. Celebrate You as You.

  1. Carolyn Williams\ says:

    You are a wonderful mama. I am blessed and proud to be your mama. I love you with all of my heart.

  2. jandc3 says:

    I am that momma that has those thoughts too. When my baby is crying and I can’t figure out why. The smile at the end of a long day is the only thing pulling me through sometimes

  3. what a lovely and very inspiring post, thanks for sharing! x

  4. doriandean says:

    xo. Beautiful, and a good reminder for all Mamas.

  5. mayarica says:

    Thank you for sharing! The part about cooking is so me. My issue is, a lot of that pressure comes from my husband. I guess some people are only happy when they are reminding others of their short comings. Who can say. But my theory is: I don’t need your negativity, I do a damn fine job of beating up on myself without your help. Learning to love myself for who I am, and what I do. Because I AM A GREAT MOM.

    Thanks for listening…xo

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