Journey to Adoption: Home Study


February 3, 2016 by CassieCravings

Our family is nearly 4 years into our journey of having another child. There have been times when I have felt that we were limping barefoot through broken glass. There have been times when we were completely stagnant. There have been times when we have reached a ledge, closed our eyes and leaped.

Today, my friends, we leaped.

We have crossed over a major milestone in our adoption journey. Our family has begun the home study portion of adoption! A home study is a very, very long checklist including government documents to be gathered, a family profile to be compiled, letters of reference to be written, etc. It ends with a home visit that will take several hours including family interviews and a home tour.

We are one momentous step towards bringing our baby home! To say that we are thrilled is quite the understatement. There have already been countless dance breaks already to celebrate the milestone.

This is to be celebrated with you as well. Our home study could not begin without you. Your prayers, support and donations are what have driven us to this point. With many tears, we thank you. We would not have come this far without you. They say that it takes a village to raise a child. It is taking a village to bring this baby home.

For more information on how to contribute to bringing our baby home, please click here




8 thoughts on “Journey to Adoption: Home Study

  1. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:


  2. boomiebol says:

    Thrilled for you guys

  3. alliesumner says:

    I’ve nominated you for The One Lovely Blog award. The post is on my blog. 🙂

  4. Ashley says:

    Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family!! Best wishes on your journey.

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