A 6 year-old’s Tale of Equality


March 22, 2016 by CassieCravings

My newly six year-old boy loves to paint and loves to tell stories. Often I will write while he speaks, so that we can save his work in paint and in word. Here is his latest tale:

“Lemme tell you a sthtowry. ‘Dis is Blue Sthanta, and ‘dis is Wred Giwrl. Wred Giwrl thought that Blue people wewre bad. It what she wasth alwaysth told. And she believed it. Wred Giwrl nevewr asthked if it was twrue or founded it out by hewrself. She justht believed it all the time.

On Cwhristmasth Eve, Wred Giwrl waited all night to twry to sthee Sthanta Claus. She saw him! And he wasth blue! She had stho much suwrpwristhe in hewr heawrt. Then she had sthad. Blue Sthanta wasth still nicthe to hewr even when she was stho wrong.

Wred Giwrl went and told all the people who would listhen that we is all difewrent, and we still is all people.

The wowrld changed that day. It changed. And I is glad.”


5 thoughts on “A 6 year-old’s Tale of Equality

  1. Ellen B says:

    I love the photo. Cute story.

  2. Kmsraj51 says:

    Great Thinker … Nice…

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