Are you still adopting?


June 2, 2016 by CassieCravings

Behind “Are you excited?”, the most common question I’ve been asked since announcing the pregnancy is, “Are you still adopting?”.

The simple answer: YES!

We firmly believe that our family is called to adopt. My infertility was not a deciding factor in whether or not to pursue adoption. It put the option on the table. It opened up the conversation. But it wasn’t our decision maker.

The decision to adopt was a slow, dedicated one that took over a year to make. We prayed, researched, attended agency meetings and wore the decision with great responsibility. Our family is greatly honored and humbled to be pursuing the adoption process. That being said, we will put the process on hold until our baby is here. Thankfully our agency is already prepared for such situations.

It is quite overwhelming to think that we have been waiting for 4 years for a child, and now we are preparing our home to bring in 2 babies! It is going to be a wild, crazy and blessed ride. Thank you for all of your support throughout our journey.



4 thoughts on “Are you still adopting?

  1. Love this post!!! How exciting! What a blessing and a miracle – 2!!!

  2. ourmaybebaby says:

    I love this! My husband and I were considering adoption from foster care when I got pregnant. I said to my husband right away I still want to adopt someday!

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