Conversations with Eli: Protective Big Brother 


July 19, 2016 by CassieCravings

“My mama! What is you doin’?”

“Just watching tv”

“No. You’sth watching a scawry show. I told you one hundwred timesth that you can’t watch scawry showsth. My baby has earsth you know!” 

“What if I cover the baby’s ears?” 

“Don’t be wridiculousth. It’sth just a tiny baby. No mowre scawry shows until the baby is big like me. I’m not scawred of even zombiesth, you know.” 

“So, I’ve heard. You’re being a bit protective, maybe even over protective.”

“I’ve been waiting my whole life to be a big bwrothewr. I take my job sewriousthly.” 

2 thoughts on “Conversations with Eli: Protective Big Brother 

  1. wannabemamab says:

    This warms my heart!

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