Conversations with Eli: Parenting is Hard 

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July 25, 2016 by CassieCravings

“Wriley Dog won’t go outsthide. I did tell hewr to go. And I did tell hewr that she needsth to go to the baf’wroom, but she not even listhening!”

“That sounds frustrating. Why don’t you try again? Maybe she would be more receptive if you went outside with her.”

“I’ll twry it.” 

(comes back moments later) 

“It seemsth wrude to keep making hewr, but I’s twrying to meet hewr needsth. She will be sthad if she needsth to go potty latewr. Thisth isth hawrd!” 

“Hmm. I’m noticing that you and Riley are having some of the same struggles that you and I have sometimes. There are times when I am trying to meet your needs, and you are resistent.” 

“Now I’s sthowrry fowr those timesth. Pawrenting is hawrd!” 

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