Gender Reveal Party


August 3, 2016 by CassieCravings

When I was pregnant with Eli (around 7 years ago), gender reveal parties had yet to make their way to the mainstream, or at least into my circle of friends. With this pregnancy, I decided pretty early on that I would definitely want a gender reveal party, and I would want to find out the sex of the baby at the same moment as my family.

During the planning of the party, there were a lot of things to consider: budget, venue, decor, food and, of course, the reveal. With a bit of time and a lot of help, we were able to host the gender reveal that I began dreaming of the moment I found out I was pregnant.

The Budget

Pulling off a gender reveal party for about $100 seemed impossible when I first started planning. My first order order of business was to list the absolute must-haves: a venue, a mechanism to reveal the gender, and some refreshments.

Next I listed the tools for the needs (serving trays, paper goods, etc.) and the wants (flowers, chalkboard signs, etc.). The list was long and a bit overwhelming, so I did what I tend to do when I get overwhelmed: I texted my dear friends Mia and Morgan.

As always they came through. They immediately sent back a list of things they could let me borrow and a plan to make the rest happen. Morgan became a sourcing queen and gathered things from her own stash and from her mama’s house. Mia did the same and got to crafting. It wasn’t long before most of what I needed had been borrowed or made.

I ended up spending a bit over a $100. It was a sweet and simple party. It was perfect.

The Venue 

Venues can be quite pricey. Since this was a party with family only, I wanted it to be a familiar place. Growing up we spent a lot of time at the family golf course and driving range. This seemed like the perfect setting. It’s spacious. It’s outdoors. And my husband could hit a golf ball that explodes into glitter and color. Perfect.

The Decor 


Name Suggestion Station

One of the many perks of hosting at a golf course is that the backdrop is beautiful. Our decor was simple and country.

Each picnic table had painted mason jars from Lorelane Boutique. Some of the jars were filled with white hydrangeas. The others served as part of our activities. We kept the activities small so that they could also be our table toppers. On one table we had a voting booth with a table-top chalkboard. On another we had a name suggestion station.

With activities acting as table toppers, it served two purposes: 1) It gave guests an opportunity to visit each table and mingle. 2) It also acted as table decor.


Voting Booth


The Food 


Since the party took place in the morning, we kept the food simple. There was a fruit tray and cupcakes. But the hit of the party was our mini chicken and waffles. They were yummy and so easy to make!

We toasted Eggo minis and then hit the drive-thru. Chick-fil-A nuggets and a drizzle of Polynesian sauce topped our waffles. That’s it! It’s cute. It’s whimsical. And it was fun to eat.











The Reveal 


For the reveal, we used an exploding golf ball. Two were bought, both a pink filled one and a blue filled one. I was under the impression that my husband would look inside the sealed envelope, provided by the sonogram tech, right before the reveal so that he could pick the right ball. However, that sneaky thing looked in the envelope on the way home from the appointment! He knew for an entire week before the party! I was both impressed and shocked that he kept such a big secret for so long.

At the moment of the reveal, my husband teed up and hit the golf ball to reveal BLUE powder! We are getting another boy!


It’s a boy!!


I could not imagine a more perfect day. We were so honored to share this moment with our family. We are greatly honored to be having another sweet, little boy. Eli is already making lists of everything he will teach his baby brother. We are truly, truly blessed.

With Gratitude

I could not have planned this party on my own. I want to say a very special thank you to:

  • my aunt and uncle for hosting us at Alpine Target Golf Center
  • my cousin, Mia, for dressing me from her beautiful shop Lorelane Boutique
  • my favorite girl Morgan and her mama for all of the serving items that they let me borrow
  • A million more thank yous are deserved for Mia and Morgan. They planned with me and tolerated me while planning. They’re the ones who really pulled this off.



8 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Party

  1. Morgan Flowers says:

    Aw, Casi! I love you so much and I am so glad I was able to be apart of this awesome gathering! I’m so happy that you will have another set of feet running around the house soon! ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. mayarica says:

    What a beautiful family!! Wishing you a wondrous pregnancy, and magical delivery.

    Love from sunny Bermuda. xx

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