Name Announcement for our Baby


August 8, 2016 by CassieCravings


Naming a baby is challenging. There is meaning, possible namesakes and pop-culture references to all consider. Then there’s that age old obstacle of personal taste. My husband and I are on the same page about many things. Taste in names is not one of them.

His taste in names is very classic (Abigail and Noah). My taste is what I like to call nursing home chic (Violet and Arthur).  I like old names. The older the name the better, I say.

Naming our first son

Naming our firstborn was difficult for all of these reasons, but we finally came to a consensus. Well, it was more a deal really. We decided that if the baby was a boy, the husband would name him. If it was a girl, I would name her.

Our bouncing bundle of joy turned out to be a boy named by my husband. He called him Elijah Myles. Our Eli. It fits him. It’s a strong name. My husband did well.

Naming the second baby

As difficult as naming the first child was, it was nothing compared to naming our second. When naming a second child, we still had to consider the above criteria as well as adding one big detail. The second child’s name must go with the first child’s name, not match but go.

We nixed all the names that start with E. I love alliteration. It’s just not my thing personally when naming a sibling set. If that is you thing, then great! I am glad that we don’t have the exact same style and taste. What a boring world it would be if we did. It gives much more interest and variety to the name pool.

There were countless hours combining through name lists and scouring the internet. I can’t count how many times I would shout a name suggestion up the stairs only to be followed by me screaming, “What is wrong with THAT name?!”


His first name is…

Finally, finally we agreed on a name that we both love. His first name will be Felix, meaning “happy” and “good fortune”. How fitting. The meaning speaks to our family’s journey and the miracle that is this child.


His middle name is…

The middle name took longer, but when we “found” it, we knew there was no other option. My husband brought the middle name to the table. “What about Mark?,” he suggested casually. Mark. My dad’s name.

If I could handpick a list of admirable tributes I would want our son to grow into, my dad has them. He embodies compassion, curiosity, perseverance, genuineness, intuition, resourcefulness, faithfulness, kindness, generosity and open-mindedness. I admire my dad greatly, more than I admire anyone else on this planet. While Felix will walk his own path on his own journey, I pray that he does so with the same qualities as my dad.

Naming our baby took time. It took a lot of discussion. There were even some tears. There was much thought and a research. It was challenging and exhausting, and now our son has a name. Felix Mark.

I can call him by name as he wiggles about in my womb. I can pray over him specifically by name. In just a few months, he will be in our arms. I cannot wait to meet him and to finally say, “Hello, Felix Mark. We have waited so long to hold you.”


8 thoughts on “Name Announcement for our Baby

  1. I did what I could to keep our babies’ names a secret until after they were born…and I didn’t know their genders myself, so THAT secret wasn’t too hard to keep, haha….It’s largely because people are more polite after the baby is born. Like right now people are probably going around singing “Felix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat,” whereas after he’s born, they’ll probably just tell you he’s adorable and leave it at that. This is just me babbling, sorry. 🙂 Congratulations on both of your boys! Nothing is more exciting or happier!

  2. You’re doing better than us. It took us 2 months to name our second child. And that’s after she was born! We even knew that we were having a girl for 5 months before she was born.

    • mamacravings says:

      I have several friends who have waited to meet their baby to see what fits. Naming is a huge responsibility! I totally get it taking that much time.

    • mayarica says:

      so much fun waiting till baby is born to choose a name. we don’t like forcing energies on a baby by naming them prior to birth. either way, I LOVE the name Felix!!!

      • mamacravings says:

        I have several friends who had a name list and waited until the baby was born. I think it’s a really lovely idea to meet the baby before naming him. Thank you!

  3. Felix is a lovely name! Wonderful meaning and I happen to know a very nice young man named Felix so I’d consider naming my kid that too. Good choice!

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