3 Favorite Yoga Videos for Pregnancy


December 12, 2016 by CassieCravings

I love yoga. It is both relaxing and challenging. Yoga during pregnancy not only provides physical benefits while you are expecting, it calms your mind and body during labor and even after your little one arrives.

Throughout this pregnancy, it has been very difficult to consistently practice yoga, because I have spent a lot of time nauseous and a lot of time not keeping anything down. Any inverted pose would send me to running to the nearest bathroom.However, I have actually felt better these last few weeks (31-36 weeks) than I have in the entire pregnancy. So, I’ve been giving it a go again and have been able to consistently practice gentle yoga with very modified poses.

Every morning I do a quick 10 minute routine to open up my hips and breath, elongate my spine and to center myself for the coming day. On the weekends, I do a 20-30 minute routine. While the time invested certainly isn’t vigorous or costly, there is a measurable and certainly noticeable difference in the lack of aches, pains and swelling that my body has experienced since feeling up to yoga.

Please note: Listen to your body. Be kind to yourself. You are growing a person. It is okay to not feel okay enough to do yoga. Do what you can, and acknowledge what you do.

If you are looking for yoga routines, there is a plethora of videos offered to pregnant mamas on youtube. Below have been 3 of my go-tos in my last weeks of pregnancy.

5 Minute Video: Pregnancy Yoga Workout 


10 Minute Video: Pregnancy Yoga


20 Minute Video: Gentle Prenatal Yoga Class


Do you have any favorite videos, classes or activities that you love(d) during pregnancy?


2 thoughts on “3 Favorite Yoga Videos for Pregnancy

  1. tricestake says:

    I’m 35 weeks in my second pregnancy and I’m going to try these because the aches and pains have been really bad towards the end. Maybe yoga will help 🙂 Thanks for posting these!

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