An After Stroke Thank You


March 28, 2017 by CassieCravings

Nearly 3 months ago I had a stroke. Before then, I thought myself to be resilient, persistent and unwavering in my faith. After the stroke I know these things to be true.

Recovery has been difficult. These short months have been the longest that I have yet to experience. Every day is mountain after mountain to climb, goal after goal to meet. It is an ongoing search to find the me I once was and an ongoing realization that I am so much stronger than I ever was before.

In my life, there has never been such a clash of emotions. Frustration and gratefulness continue to collide in the same moments. My thoughts run from being frustrated at how tired I am at simple tasks such as walking half a mile. Then I have the thrill of being able to move my feet for an entire half a mile.

I have heard others say that I am inspiring. That suggests that sharing my story had altruistic motivation. The reality is that I began to share my story because of my cravings for encouragement and my need for reassurance. You have generously provided both over and over again. When I am at my lowest, my most tired, my sickest, you continue to tell me that I can do it. You believe it before I do. I continue to move forward because you tell me that I can.

Several weeks ago I had a setback and ended up back in the hospital for over two weeks. Even though I didn’t write, your love continued to flow to me. Messages and comments and cards continued to make their way to me.

How do I say “thank you” for such a thing? How do I express gratefulness for moving my feet forward when I didn’t have the ability to do so myself or when I was too frightened at what might happen if I try and fail. I suppose that there aren’t enough words for such a thing. Even though my “thank you” is far from enough, I am proclaiming it loudly and genuinely.

Thank you. Thank you for encouraging my family and for encouraging me. You have truly inspired us throughout this recovery. Without you, I couldn’t recover as I have.


16 thoughts on “An After Stroke Thank You

  1. Matt Williams says:

    Oh, so true. His humbling and heartbreaking it must be, that you’re in process of thanking GOD and people for live and support and then a setback. How can one be greatful, gracious, thankful, and praising at that time? We, by nature are these when we see positive moves forward. When we are in gain from our hopelessness, we give thanks. But YOU and your family are continually teaching us otherwise. You are teaching us to (be grateful in ALL things)

  2. Carolyn Williams says:

    Casi Layne, from the moment that your daddy and I knew that we was expecting you, you became our sunshine, “the reason God made Oklahoma, my angel baby, your daddy’s E T and the joy of our lives. You still are a joy.
    You are strong, inspirational,and beautiful inside and out and an incredible mother and daughter. I love you with all of my heart and could not be more proud of you.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I didn’t know you’d had a stroke! I’m so sorry I missed the news! You’re an inspiration that only 3 months later you were able to write such a moving, strong, and amazing post! I’ll keep you in my prayers. You’ve GOT this!

    • mamacravings says:

      Yessss. There wasn’t much on here about it. I think my husband “hacked” into my account and posted something once just to let people know.

      Thank you!!

  4. J K says:

    Healing. People don’t realize it’s a verb. Requires endless strength, work , perseverance, hard won patience.
    You are recovering remarkably well from an external perspective.
    But your experience is minute by minute. And being compared to before the stroke capabilities. And can seem endless.
    Please focus on how far you have come when can. Easy for me to say I know.
    Praying for you today. Knowing tomorrow will be better. As will the next day and the next.
    But also hoping for moments each day when you can relish just being right where you are.

  5. Wow! Your one if the bravest strongest moms i have ever met! I will keep you and your family forever in my prayers. I hope to read many blog posts for years to come, and i pray amd wish with all my heart, that all of them are filled with happiness and joy, and most importantly, good health.

  6. Setbacks are frustrating, but they actually help us. So glad you are progressing well. A favorite quote of mine from Epictetus says,

    “The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”

    We called (prayer) and you’re here. Peace and blessings!

  7. There are always those who lift your spirits and give you hope. I will pray for you tonight.

  8. You are a wonderful inspiration – best wishes for a continued recovery with no more setback!!

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