Building Daily Routines that Matter Part 1


May 1, 2017 by CassieCravings

Before 12 December 2016, I had my life together.

I was organized and had the color-coded planner to prove it. Then a baby happened and a stroke followed. Then there was the set back to the stroke. Not only did my priorities shift, but my productivity fell into a deep cavern of survival.

I want my life together again. Even more than that, I want a life that is focused on being authentic and not perfect, on priorities and not busyness, and on the long term instead of what is just in front of my face.

With all of the newness in my life (baby, medical leave, recovery), I am finding myself more open to new ideas and to being vulnerable. I am more willing to try and fail than to be too afraid to try at all.

This post is the beginning of a 4 part series (unless I get wordy…It could stretch out to more than 4. Y’all know I find it difficult to be succinct sometimes  all the time.) The series will post on Mondays as a #motivationmonday project.

In this series, I will compile my studies and practices for being organized and purposeful. I hope that sharing will spark inspiration, practice accountability and will create growth for us as we build daily routines that matter.



2 thoughts on “Building Daily Routines that Matter Part 1

  1. This is something we all need!! 🙂

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