Building Routines that Matter: Part 4

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June 5, 2017 by CassieCravings


Have you made your list of musts and sketched out a schedule? It’s quite the task, isn’t it? I felt so accomplished after finishing parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series, like I really got something done.

Now that I am feeling pretty proud of myself, I am going to chuck all of that out the window. All right. Not quite. But I will, at least, open the window to let the breeze blow my papers about a bit.

Step 3: Commit to flexibility. 

Remember the authentic and not perfection bit? I may very well just be talking to myself, but I’ll share it anyway because I need the reminder: This will not go smoothly every day for here on out. It is a process, a beautiful and slow and worth-it process.

There will need to be tweaking. The baby will get a cold. The physical therapy session will start late. The neighbor’s dog will get out. Things happen. That’s the fun bit of life though, isn’t it. The “things happen” stuff is what saves us the drudgeries of the entirely mundane.

“Routines are made to build productivity, not to break down our purpose.”

Routines are made to build productivity, not to break down our purpose. As routine as life may become, it is always changing. Embrace that change. Follow that adventure.



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