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  1. To Whom it May Concern: Resigning due to Medical Reasons


    August 7, 2017 by CassieCravings

    Today I won’t deflect or even try to pull myself up by the bootstraps. I will take the time to pout, to be bummed and even to mourn the loss. This isn’t a forever deal, but it is a life-changing deal.

  2. Conversations with Eli: Pets at School 


    November 28, 2016 by CassieCravings

    “I wish thewre was a day I could take one of my petsth to sthchool.” “Which pet would you pick?” …
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  3. Conversations with Eli: That’s One Bad Bug 


    August 21, 2015 by CassieCravings

    “Muh tummy huwrtsth. I ‘tan’t go to sthchool this yeawr.”       

  4. December 14, 2012: Words of a Classroom Teacher


    December 14, 2012 by CassieCravings

    Photo by CNN I ushered my students in from recess. The news of the tragedy in Connecticut had just been …
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  5. A Heart Like His


    August 16, 2012 by CassieCravings

    My precious Eli has started another year of preschool. I can’t believe how much he has grown during this summer …
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