Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks


December 1, 2016 by CassieCravings

36 weeks.

We are officially in the homeward stretch. Doctor appointments are now weekly. My maternity shirts are being stretched to the very ends of their threads. Strangers who pass by feel the need to remark that I’m about to pop…or that I look like a blimp. True story.  Sigh. Other people, I tell you. Bless their hearts.

Since Eli (who is now 6 years old) was born at 36 weeks, I am certainly feeling like this could be an anytime scenario.  However, I’m hoping that this little guy gets a few more weeks to bake in utero.

For being 9 months pregnant, I’m feeling pretty good! With my oldest, Eli, I didn’t do that 9th month, so I don’t have any experiences for comparison. However, I am still doing yoga (very gentle and very modified) in the mornings and walking Eli to the bus stop. Those activities seem pretty positive for the 9th month. I’m a bit tired, but I do have a watermelon strapped to my belly. The feet are swollen. the back is aching. When I drop my keys, I’m tempted to leave them there forever. All that I expect to be happening in these last weeks are happening. Every one of them, though some are uncomfortable, are signs that we are getting closer and closer to meeting our baby boy.

At our last appointment (35 weeks), we had our final scan. Throughout this pregnancy, we have had 8 different sonograms. With me being incredibly high risk, they started the scans at 4 weeks. Every one revealed a growing and healthy baby. Every one of them was a sigh of relief that I was still carrying and that he was still growing.

This sonogram happened to be my favorite of all. We really got to see some personality on him. My spirited baby boy was eagerly sucking on his fist and his lip. His feet kicked away at the top of my uterus, tapping to his own music. It was miraculous. He is miraculous.

We are blessed.


19 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

  1. Congratulations! Is there anything more suspenseful than pregnancy?

  2. Heartafire says:

    A December baby, how exciting! My best wishes and congratulations!

  3. congrats!! 🙂 ❤ wish you guys all the best.

  4. larva225 says:

    So excited for y’all! Fingers and toes crossed all goes well!

  5. cyberdad says:

    Congratulations and all the best! How exciting!

  6. laneamays says:

    I’m just hitting 13 weeks I’m so excited to be a mom congrats 🎉

  7. I’m sitting on my due date now, and I personally think the last 4(ish) weeks of pregnancy are longer than the other 36 combined. Good luck to you and your new addition.

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