Priorities, Perspective and a Preschooler


January 21, 2014 by CassieCravings


I was scrubbing the kitchen counter. I wasn’t even sure what spilled substance I was trying to mop up. Melted Popsicle? Maybe. I was so engrossed in my cleaning that I jumped when a dimpled hand flung my most expensive hand towel over the top of the counter.

Standing on his tip-toes with only his curls and a stretched hand visible, my little one began to clean right along with me.

“Where did you get the hand towel?”


“The guest bathroom?”


“It’s decorative. Let’s not clean with it.”

He raised his eyebrows at my decorative towel, wearing the same confused look that my husband does when I tell him that some towels are just for looking.

“Thank you for helping me clean. We make a good team!”

“Yeah. You done yet?”

“Not quite.”

We continued our project inching down the counter. We sighed happily as we finished.

“You done yet?” he asked again.

“Not quite. Why do you ask?”

“Wells. You clean all ‘da day. You work all ‘da day. I wants you to puhlay withs me for all ‘da day. I misses you, my mama.”

I laid down the broom that I had busily picked while he spoke. Things had been especially busy. Or had I MADE them especially busy?

Either way my curly headed boy was right. Because he plays quietly and is good at entertaining himself, there are countless times that I just let him be. I would sneak an extra half hour or hour or who knows how long of work and cleaning and busyness into the day.

Work and cleaning and independent play are all important, but they are not the most important. My priorities were out of balance. Time with him trumps all of it.

I left the broom where it leaned and followed my little boy into his room. We played for robots and dragons for I’m not sure how long. I didn’t look at the clock. I didn’t check my phone or pick up the stray toys. We took the time to just be with one another.

After all, my curly headed boy will grow up far too soon. When he does, I won’t look back and regret the sink full of dishes or even the undone on the to-do list. However, I am sure that I will regret any time I turned down a quest to defeat the evil robots who were unfairly holding dragons captive in their castle.


34 thoughts on “Priorities, Perspective and a Preschooler

  1. PigLove says:

    aaww – yes you are right. Looks in the mirror – we do grow up awfully quick. Enjoy us while you have us. XOXO – Bacon

  2. dakotabee says:

    This made me so happy. You’re a great mama and he sounds so so cute.



  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It’s so amazing when we are able to see our time with our kids as limited and precious. way to go! Long ago I was in the craze of busy busy busy, by God’s grace He opened my eyes to what is really important. Yup, dishes can wait. (I will be honest I struggle with wanting to clean up at times but then I say, heck, it will be there later). enjoy. They do grow up so quickly. But then again even when they do it doesn’t mean we stop playing with them 🙂 But from my experience, it starts now.
    Love your posts. Great job 😀

    • mamacravings says:

      That’s the absolute truth. I’m so awful at wanting to have a clean house first, or all of my work done first or my check list completed first. But that’s so what’s not important in the long run.

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

  4. Oh my word that little guy is growing too fast! And he’s getting CUTER too! Such a sweet post as always 🙂

  5. Great Post! I needed this reminder. I have been thinking a lot lately how quickly my son is growing…I’m not going to have these years for much longer so I want to enjoy the moments with him while I can! It just goes way too quick!!

    Your son sounds like the cutest by the way and you’re an awesome mommy!

    Hannah 🙂

  6. T. Dawn says:

    I’ve written and could re-write a version of this a hundred times. You think I would learn. Thank God kids are so forgiving.

    I loved this. I think I actually needed to read this today. It’s been one of “those” days.

    • mamacravings says:

      It’s amazing how the word we need comes just when we need it 🙂 I needed to read it again today (I wrote it several days ago.) It’s so easy to be so busy and to miss out on the every day things of our little ones.

  7. Leslie says:

    I love playing robot and dragons! Aww! This is so sweet! He is adorable too! Sometimes time gets pushed to the wayside, not on purpose. I’m glad you & the little man had fun!

  8. awesome picture 🙂

  9. I hate that I needed that reminder, but I’m grateful to have been reminded.


  10. So true. I find myself getting lost in my work or in cleaning a lot also but they grow up so fast that it’s important to be present for as many seconds as possible.

  11. Reblogged this on everythingmommy2009 and commented:
    Every parent should do this 🙂

  12. You have some of the cutest, memorial blog posts! Cute! Just following you back to return the favor on FB. Always glad to rfind a new blogging friend! 🙂

  13. irini112014 says:

    I tell myself this almost daily. The dishes never do seem to get done, but playtime never ends for a kid. I want them to think back fondly on their childhood and mother, I’m glad there are other people in the same boat.

  14. irini112014 says:

    Have you ever read “the power of validation” by Karen hall and Melissa cook? I just finished it and it made me think of this entry. I highly recommend it.

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