An Easter Non-Tradition: Planting Jelly Beans


April 5, 2016 by CassieCravings

I want to be a Pinterest mom. I’m not crafty or artsy. I can’t knit or bake or fashion lunches into tiny theme-shaped masterpieces. Yet there is still this deep set desire to do cutesy and hopefully memorable things with my son.

A simple Easter activity has been floating around Pinterest for a while: A child plants jelly bean seeds that “grow” into lollipops.

I was practically giddy over how doable this little activity was for the family. Simple. Adorable. Maybe even a new tradition?


To see how to plant jelly beans without squashing traditions, please click here.

Below is a video of 6 year-old Eli planting jelly beans in the front yard:


And that is where the magic of childhood stops. Apparently the Mama does not possess stealth.

Part 2 of the video is Eli debunking the jelly bean seed myth and bringing our new tradition to a screeching halt:

While I am ticking off yet another fail on my list of Pinterest attempts, my favorite part of the experience was Eli’s final reaction, “Well, muh mama. That wasth an epic fail.”

Indeed. Now eat your lollipop.


5 thoughts on “An Easter Non-Tradition: Planting Jelly Beans

  1. larva225 says:

    Dagnabbit, I meant to do that this year.

  2. kkessler833 says:

    Great picture and sweet story!

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